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I wanted to update the thread. I am a Cox customer in Orange County, California and wanted to upgrade my DCH3416. My goal was to replace a 160 Gig with a 1 TB WD10EADS drive (no jumper used). I followed TN0821's instructions in post number #201 and those instructions can be followed with the following exceptions. There is no more free version of Parted Magic, so I downloaded the paid version (still only $5 and change--well worth it). You will note from the screen...
A question if someone could help as this thread is long and I haven't reviewed it all: I have Cox Cable in Orange County California and have the DCT3416. Will I be able to hook up the Hauppage HD personal DVR to this and how does it work? I have it outputting to my Plasma by HDMI so would I hook up the component outputs to the DVR and record that way? Second--is there an ability yet to upgrade the hard drives on these?
How did the Blaster get updated?
the keys or most of them are not responding as well any more on my 900. Is there some way to fix that?
On occasion--happens every few weeks or so, I will turn the TV and receiver on with my Harmony Universal and get no sound (I have Pioneer Plasma). The same thing happens less often with my Panasonic Blu Ray player. The are both passed to the Denon through HDMI. Not a big deal because a turn off-back on seems to work like a "reboot" but I would love to know what causes it or how to fix it easier then turning on/off--not a big deal with TV, but the Blu-Ray loads so slowly...
Quote: Originally Posted by mdavej Gary is 100% correct. You are over thinking this. If you make "activities" for all your "activities", the remote handles all the details for you. If you were to make a "Listen to IOBox media player" activity, the remote will turn off the TV for you and remember to turn it back on when you "Watch TV" again. By manually togging power and using device mode, you've over-ridden the automatic state tracking in the remote,...
Quote: Originally Posted by osu fan Did you turn Secondary Audio on? Yes--it was on.
BTW--I tried to program a generic activity to toggle the TV on and off but I can't get it to work. In other words, I would like the activity to work just like the toggle button on the remote but just won't work right.
Its not a flaw--if you are listening to digital radio, there is no reason to have my plasma running, which is sucking power and using up useful life. And this is just an example of having to go to the Devices for a specific purpose. I was just stating the comment that one should never need to go to their devices if they have been set up properly would be true possibly for a person that just watches TV and DVDs, but I have for example an IOBox media player--I also have my...
Anyone had a problem with the Pip audio on the Pacific Blue Rays? I could not figure out how to sound on that.
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