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[quote name="Gator5000e" but two things to combat that. One is to always have something to watch on the DVR (if you get one); and two, is get the protection plan. It is so worth the extra money." How is that so different from BHN? BHN's protection is free! or am I missing something.
Anyone have success with the updated version (7 Jan 2014) of BHTV for their cell. I have never been able to watch TV with this app. This latest version keeps telling me "We are unable to present channel xxx at this time. Try a different channel or try again later" The other choices, Guide, DVR and settings functin normal.
Quite easy to install, even my son in law got err dun! FYI If at initial turn on and you do not get all the channels, quick call to cs and tell them you are calling about a TV problem, the automated device will send a signal to your equipment and turn them all on. YMMV
My money is on January 14th. DTA's (at a minimum) will be required. :-)
Crews were in my neighborhood the last couple of days doing this. One big black conduit, 4 orange conduits and one smaller black cable. Workman said it was for BHN. Fiber :-) Internet speed 1.21 Gig-a-watt  
This has never happened to me before, maybe its normal. Tuned in late to a show and I selected start over. It was a 2 hour show. About 1:45 into the show, phone rang I pushed pause, and during the phone called, the show disappeared, and went back to live. I pushed the forward button, no response. Pushed the select button, and hit resume, no resume, but the show started from the beginning. Since there is no FF, I was not about to wait 1:45 to get back to where I...
I have an Cisco 8640 that did/does some strange things. Last week, the wife wanted to record the series of a new program just starting. She accidentally pushed record now instead of record series with options. I canceled the recording, red indicator on the guide disappeared and I started the whole programming over. I got a message back that said I could not longer record this show??? (words to that effect). WT.. Tried it two more times, same problem. Did a hard...
Is there a current list/link of the DRV's that BHN is using now. My very old 8300HD just does not have enough space on the hard drive.
I got the updated guide this AM. For some reason, it changed my setting to "ZOOM", I could not see the top, bottom and half the sides were missing:eek: Checked the settings, it still said normal, but cycled thru them and back to normal. Ok now normal view. Not used to the black background. New message when I did a cold boot something like "Your Tv will be on line shortly...:
This is a totally un-scientific comparison that I did earlier this week. About once a quarter I do comparisons. I can say that on two of my 1080p TV sets, the pictures are incredable. One of my sons has DTV, although nice, I cannot see any difference. I have a small indoor antenna for my TV, switching from cable to OTA, I still cannot see any difference. The un-scientific part, taking every possible channel, in my area, BHN vrs DTV I get a count of 726 for BHN, 313...
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