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Which settings are you using and how many hours do you have on your display?
its has been noted because that is how you calibrate the 2013 Samsung plasmas (and some of their LCDs) in conjunction with the 10 point grayscale controls. Per Engineering Korea, if you use a Contrast setting that is not equal to 95, the 10 point controls will NOT line up properly with their respective targeted adjustment points. I'm not sure who this Samsung insider is, but I recommend they speak to Engineering in either Korea or NA to get a full explanation of what...
Low end detail will appear to be more on the ZT due to a built in curve in its software (not to mention its edge dither drive scheme).. It is dynamic and adjusts on the fly. Attempting to do a BT.1886 gamma on these displays only exaggerates what the display's software is already doing. A properly setup ZT will show exactly the same shadow detail as any other display that does not have this type of dynamic software.... Including the 500M.
it is the table. The drive scheme of the 2012/2013 Panasonics causes it to provide erroneous measurements, The 2012/2013 Panasonics are NOT like prior models. The drive scheme is totally different. Add that with their louvre filter and you require a unique profile.you're speaking of sub field syncing issues. Even the CS-2000 will have issues unless you know what settings to use in its setup menu.thanks but I know who Luhr is and can get in contact with him if need be,
Your third shot shows two things....The NIST trace difference between Minolta and JettiThe problem with the stock plasma table and 2012/2013 Panasonic table.I've seen the prior when comparing Minolta meters against Photo Research. I discovered the latter when comparing my Klein's stock table against a CS-2000 with VT/ZT60 and prior 2012 Panasonic plasma evaluations. The stock table is fine on other plasmas.
From what I've seen, ZT/VT60s don't measure below 0.001fL per a properly black calibrated Klein K-10 and CS-2000. More like 0.0011fL and higher. Display 's with black levels below 0.004fL and good AR filters do not have overly noticeable black levels except in a dark room environment and low APL scenes. Those two criteria will clearly show the benefits of blacker blacks though. 5 of the 6 Kuros I own are noticeably blacker than any and all VT/ZT60 I've calibrated iwhen...
Revised ST60 settings are coming guys. Just hold on.... touring right now,
PM sent.
What???I simply said to leave the contrast setting at 95. Adjust the brightness of the display win the cell light control. Even with the Cell light at 20, as long as Contrast is set to 95, you should not be clipping.
No. I've consistently have measured in the 0.002fL range.June. Filled with FHD/UHD LED and OLED displays
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