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Horrible PQ on TWC in upstate NY. Might as well be watching through a screen window. I wish I was home watching on DTV
#1 if I had to make a choice. The word "FORUM" should be made lighter as it gets lost in the background.
I thought the sound mix was great on calibrated 5.1 system, but I might have a few Sammys in me ;-)
WNYT via TWC, Troy, NY. 1080i with artifacting on any type of zoomed shot or dissolve/fade. Loving the 5.1 audio. Taking off my HT critic hat to enjoy the game :-)
OMG! The macro blocking as the teams entered the field was horrible. Reminded me of the Pro Bowl broadcast. WNYT via TWC in Troy, NY
...and let's give our subwoofers some attention please ;-)
Viewing WNYT via TWC, Troy, NY 1080i for once! We always get 720p and artifacting for the SNF broadcasts. Simply outstanding PQ now.
I left mine on the stand and was able to turn the 235 lb. beast 180° by myself for access. Worked out fine .
TWC in Troy, NY That was easily the worst PQ I've seen on any game on any network this season. I was chatting on line with a friend in Palm Harbor, FL who watching on FiOS. He confirmed everything I was seeing. I only hope that the Super Bowl PQ is not as god awful as the Pro Bore was.
Tom Coughlin could use the lens wipey thing too..
New Posts  All Forums: