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On question on the 141 or 151. Can either of those, when bought in the US, work on 220V/50Hz power (like most computers now)? I may be spending some time in the future overseas, and want to make sure I can take my TV with me.
+1 to the get a high quality subwoofer option! For HT, I would recommend spending at least the same amount of money on a subwoofer as you spend on the front speakers (if not more). With a high quality subwoofer that has a low distortion (or is driven at a low enough volume not to have high harmonic distortion), an 80 Hz or lower signal is not generally localizable. What this means is if you crossover the rear and surrounds at 80 Hz (or even 60 Hz if your...
+1 to above. The reason is the MSRP has a profit built into the price for the retailer. For many ID (such as Salk), the price you see on the website is roughly equivalent to the distributor price (thus, already is 15-40% cheaper).
Milt, you should have called him out that YOU, being a musician, actually knows WHAT real music should sound like. IMHO, speakers should fundamentally produce the same sound as it records (w/ mixing/editing to generally take into account recording side issues). Granted, some people prefer speakers that are "warmer", but IMHO, that doesn't mean it is "better".
On your Elite receiver, did you run the "auto-calibration" with the included microphone? If you have, then 0.0 db is the THX reference level (per the THX certification requirements). Below is a good primer on this:http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volum...06-part-1.html "Reference" is a high/loud volume (perceived), so most people listen to -10 db (or somewhere in between). Note, you are guaranteed not to digitally clip when played at THX reference level, but if you turn...
Theatro, If you're happy with the extension/bass of just the HT3, then go that route. In the pre/pro, when using multichannel mode, you can always set the HTC to small, which makes it's bass response irrelavent. However, as Dennis mentioned in his post, for HT it is hard to beat a pure subwoofer (esp. one that can go to infrasonic level, with an F3 no higher than 20-25 Hz). It just depends on if the HT3's bass is sufficient.
Ahmed, I hate to say it, but the new location is by far even worse than the prior one. It is not a good idea to put a speaker directly next to a wall that does not have any sound absorption, especially with it facing directly forward parallel to wall. The reflection off the wall will cause a bunch of audible sound artifacts. Just my 2 cents.
Ahmed, I'm with loopguru in that if the SC-09 is what you want and you can afford $5000, go for it. That's what this hobby is all about. Heck, I'm sure there are people on other forums saying spending $$$ on HT-3 is absolutely crazy too (you can get so-and-so for much less ... etc)! Also, Ahmed, if you have any doubts on the SC-09 or any other processor/receiver/amp, I will reiterate, make a post in the AMPs/Receiver/Processor area. Heck, even post in the SC-09 owner's...
Dennis, in your opinion, would you prefer the HT1 or the V3/HT2 (disregarding aesthetics)?
Dennis, would you consider the HT3 to be more 4ohm or 8ohm? How about the 10" woofer if people bi-amp, since that is what is going to need the most juice to run? BTW, I can't wait to hear the HT3 w/ your designed crossover!
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