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What's a good price? Does it have an extended warranty or protection plan? Will he give you a copy of the original receipt?
Before I start a new thread in the 3D forum... I thought it might be helpful and useful to ask my question here first. I purchased my ZT60 for its 2D picture quality... But I do love the novelty of the 3D experience. I am slightly underwhelmed by the brightness of picture when using the OEM glasses that came with the ZT... Are there any other third party glasses that give a brighter view and or performance vs the supplied OEM glasses? Thanks
Panasonic finally got back to me after three days... Via email! They asked me to call them back. So I did... They had me go through all the brainless tests of troubleshooting my display. 1. Unplug the display from surge protector. 2. Unplug all cables (hdmi, component, etc) 3. Had me run the self test. 4. Asked if I could still see the band/bar. 5. Asked if the band/bar was thick or thin. Did they think the issue was going to mysteriously vanish? I am now set up for the...
It's been there since day one... But it's getting worse not better.I called Panasonic again this evening... They said I would get a call back with 24-48 hours...tomorrow will be 48
Thanks Repete... With over 1600 hours... I would think it would have faded into oblivion,,, but instead, it's getting worse. It is clearly visible in content.
Over 1600 hours.
Thanks... I've tried that but it's a no go.
Also... Has anyone found a way to change the aspect ratio of content played through the TV's Netflix App? Panasonic is telling me its impossible... and that the TV does not have a automatic mode that senses content (like my KRP-500m) or lack there of and stretches the picture accordingly. A lot of my boys favorite shows are in 4:3... Which they can't watch via the app... I was really hoping to retire my old Roku box. :/
Still waiting for Panasonic to get back to me about a tech support / warranty issue... It's been two days! I called first... they asked me to email photos... My email to them: "Hello... The TV was purchased on 06/21/13 from Best Buy My case number is ####### I was asked to send images of the issues I am having with my tc-p65zt60. I as mentioned to the person taking tech support calls. I am experiencing several issues with my new display. The first is the problem...
Quick question... Any way to disable all the buttons and knobs on the from of the MRX? My one year old no has a new obsession with the volume knob. Thanks
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