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I'd be curious to see if anyone has suggestions for my next build. The PC will primarily serve as an office PC for web browsing, taxes, some emulated games, and the occasional movie.I plan to house all the data on a different. The SSD would strictly be for the local OS and programs. I can salvage an optical drive from an older pc. AMD Phenom II X4 B93 Socket AM3 Processor $49.99 http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0389134 Micro Center 4GB...
I plan to do a budget build using windows 8. I'm long overdue for a basic office PC upgrade. I'm in the market for the cheapest license of windows I can get my hands on. I'm hoping there will be a way to boot directly into the desktop and bypass the metro interface.
Yes, a had a co-worker donate a full ATX tower to the cause. The BTX form factor of the e510 means it'll stay intact as preschool gaming rig.
I'm currently using xbmc. However the video playback is a secondary function of this pc. I don't absolutely have to have the bluray playback stutter free at this point.It's one of those things that bugs me a little just because I know it could be better....but I don't really need it. I run an OEM copy of XP that came on the e510 out of the box. I wouldn't be able to transfer the license to a new MB. I just priced out the parts I need to upgrade to an AMD Llano...
Thanks for the suggestions. I probably will end up replacing the pc with a budget build. I could get the hardware I need for sub $200 since i have a spare case and power supply, but I'd like to run Windows 7 on the new pc and that pushes the cost up a bit. Also going to put in a SSD, after having one of those in my HTPC I don't think I'll ever run the OS from a HD again in a new build. I use a GT440 in my HTPC and have been very happy with the performance.
Thanks in advance for any help. My dell e510 is struggling to play any local or networked HD content. The audio is great, but the video stutters. I currently have a Nvidia 7600 GT video card installed and it has served me well over the past 9 or so years. However, I would like to be able to play BluRay rips and HD home videos on the PC. I'm not sure if the video card (7600 GT) is the bottleneck or the processor itself. The PC is gigabit connected. I'd love to upgrade to...
Yes is the answer to your question. I'd recommend UltraVNC. Youtube or other browser based video applications will work just fine the way you describe in your original post. The sound will play through your receiver, video will appear on the TV. The only downside is if you are running a full screen directX application such as XMBC, it will need to be windowed before it can be viewed remotely. UltraVNC is free, so you could check it out and delete it if you aren't happy.
Why not just use the original DVD?
He did say the extra 8 GB is free from a coworker. I say take it.
I have a 3TB WD Green. If you power down your drives when they aren't in use I wouldn't recommend the green drives. They have built in power saving functions. I don't have data to back it up, but I think the extra wear and tear of the drive power saving and windows drive power saving is the reason I lost one of these drives a little while back. (The one I have now is the replacement for the failed drive.) I know you are looking internal, but I have a 3TB external seagate...
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