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This is a little subjective and you'll get plenty of different answers. Just to take a stab at the math, a 3TB drive will give you about 2.7 TB of actual usable space. Each movie would then need to be compressed down to about 0..00675 TB (or ~ 7 GB). As a comparison, an uncompressed DVD rip tends to take between 5 and 7 GB. So you'd essentially be compressing your BR collection to DVD size to get them all to fit. Whether or not you'd get better than DVD quality, or...
I run XMBC,but have the same blank screen issue. Joining the party towards the end. The blank screen issue seems to stem from an issue with DirectX. If an application, say WMC or XBMC, is running full screen when the display is turned off for an extended period of time (overnight) then the application needs to be taken out of full screen mode to get the blank screen to go back to the desktop. To help resolve this someone in another forum posted an event ghost macro to...
I run AVG as my antivirus program. It updates the definitions everyday and I don't really notice it on my HTPC. I don't have any benchmarks to compare with MSE. I would be curious to see a comparison of various AV software and the resources they use.
Just curious Randy...how long have your green drives been running. Not trying to pick a fight, just wondering.
yes...provided you do it right.
The IR receiver should be RC6 or MCE compatible
Hello and welcome to the obsession! Newegg is currently having a semi annual sale. Promo code EMCNDJH23 will get you $10 of the seagate barracuda 2TB drive. So you'd get an additional 500 GB for $10 more than the price on the drive in your original post. I didn't look at the other specs, but all the drives should be plenty fast to locally serve media. Here's the 2TB Seagate...
I use the harmony one in conjunction with an IR repeater system. Works very well for my needs.
I also like the old interface better.
If building a solution, have you looked into FreeNas? You could setup your RAID array and share it across the network. Are you looking to use the NAS as the source of the backups or destination of the backups? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt8CoRzWC8k
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