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still bad today for the tourney
I have noticed that i live in ohio about 45 miles from kdka. When i first put up my antenna about 2 weeks ago no problems and had a 60 percent signal. Now it has to be a strong 60 to 70 so i don't get weird sound issues and picture problems
i do...go into the setup and under the antenna setting or setup one of the two and it says local area somethig rather and click on that and then type in the zip code and directv gets all avalible channels in that area and then it has the program guide for all ota channels analog or digital
Its monday night and i have a 70 to 80% kdka-dt reception stregnth. I live in ohio about 40 miles from kdka according to antennaweb.org. I have had kdka at 60% before and no problems but tonight pixelation jumping and so on even though the reception is higher. Its lightening and off and on rain right now could that affect reception or is kdka having problems?
So if we try to recieve 17/62 hd feed we cant only through cable....i have directv
Now it comes in as 2-1 for kdka-dt
Well guys went to best buy bought an rca 10 db gain antenna and 50ft coax threw it out my front window and layed it ontop of my 3 foot tall ros bush pointed at 104 degrees and boom kdka-dt....cbs hd is awesome...well i am going to go back and watch cbs hd for the first time later!!!And also i am recieveing wpxi-dt and that weather thing that there nbc affliate in pittsburgh has so almost all pittsburgh channels except for wtae abc
So you mean if i do this of course it would not be hd obiviously but i would be able to view the digital channels like kdka-dt on an analog set? But not in hd of course am i right?
i have another question. What if I would hook up my directv hd reciever to my 4 by 3 analog tv upstairs because it has component imputs would i be able to recieve like wcwb and the hd channels although they wouldn't be in hd it would just show the bars or what would happen because this tv does have component input and the box has outputs
I have a question. right now i am using an rca antenna that looks like a boomberang and it has 10db gain. I recieve kdka pretty decently with it out the window. What if i would add like a 30db gain amplifier along with the 10 to make 40 db gain. Will this improve my reception on the snowey analog of kdka and fix the pixelation on the hd channel.
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