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Thanks everyone all the comments/information is greatly appreciated. I should've mentioned that it will probably be used for 60% home theater at 40% music as my Wife has taken over the home theater room. If this does not change any of the comments then woo hoo Pendragon's here I come. TIA: Menace
Thanks a lot. That was very helpful. I've read the review on the Pendragons found here http://hometheaterreview.com/tekton-design-pendragon-floorstanding-loudspeaker-reviewed/ But I noticed they were also a sponsor of the site so I have to take with a grain of salt(no disrespect to the reviewer). The only review I found of the RF7II is here http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57467757-47/the-klipsch-rf-7-ii-a-great-rock-speaker/ and is really not worth much. Any help from...
Really thinking about the Pendragon's. How would they compare to the Klipsch RF7II any opinions appreciated. Please no I hate horn loaded speakers comments. Some of the best Pro theaters and concert halls in the world use horn loaded drivers,done right they sound just as good as anything else. Again all opinions appreciated. TIA: Meance
I never use 1avr for 2 rooms. I just buy another amp or avr for the other room. 1 blu-ray player for two rooms would be such a pain in the ass. Especially since really good Blu-ray players and really good entry-level avr's aren't a big expense.
You could always trade it in towards a newer refurb if all else fails:D
I know but... you know how you just want the best of the best, how it feels when you know that there is no better. That's what keeps me on the fence. I had a 3007 that went belly up(HDMI board) that the warranty company did want to fix so the gave me a full refund. That's why I feel that the 3009/3010 is a lateral move and not a step up. Kind of silly right. Or is the 3009/3010 a step up because they are newer then the 3007? All opinions appreciated.:confused:Menace
Good question. I would like to know as well.Menace
They quoted me $1250 plus trade for the 3010 and $1660 plus trade for the 5010 they also quoted me $1230 for the 5009 and $950 for the 3009. The 709 I have is a refurb from AC4l that I paid $412 plus $85 for a five year warranty. So they are offering me more then I paid.Menace
^^I would call. I mean what could it hurt. Good luck let us know how it works out. About what they value the units at.... I know crazy isn't it.
I think the value of that unit is worth more then the 709. The gentleman on the phone told me that the only stipulation was that unit be out of warranty. He said the unit didn't even have to work, and that weather it worked or not did not effect the trade in value:eek: Menace
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