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Hi all, I want to build a relatively small sub for my car. I will be using the stock amp which is a 2channel 2ohm 25watt amp. So I would like the most efficient design I can make with this RF 8" subwoofer.Here are the specs for the driver. Any help would be appreciated. Compliant:Size:8" Nominal Impedance:Dual 2-OhmPower Handling (Watts RMS):250 Watts RMS500 Watts MaxVoice Coil Diameter:2.25"(57.7 mm) Magnet Weight (oz):49 oz.1.38 kg.Speaker Connector:Dual 10 AWG...
Yeah, that could be a problem. I am limited to a 2ohm DVC design because i am sticking with the factory amp. Is there a design out there for a very efficient small subwoofer that I can use a 2ohm DVC drive with?
Hi all, I am building a small subwoofer for my car. I am thinking of using a Rockford Fosgate 8" P2D2-8 DVC 2ohm. They recommend a .64cuft box with a 8.8" x 2" port. I would like to make a slot port but don't know how to do the calculations to create the right dimensions. Also, if a horn can be made off this drive and can keep the box relatively small, that might be even better. I am replacing dual 6x9 "subwoofers" in my car. The magnets on the drives state 2ohms and...
I use it as a full pre/pro and use the ATI amps to power 6 surrounds, Highs, and the LCRs. I absolutely love the sound and video.
Is Dynamic EQ really needed if you don't listen at low volumes?If I watch most of my movies at -6 to -0 reference level, is Dynamic EQ really going to do anything?
It normally click when changing surround modes. Like when you change sources, pause a movie, when going threw the menu, previews and movie which might be different audio formats. So it can click alot.In the 818, you can set it up to use a surround mode for a particular audio format. Right now, I really like Audyssey DSX and I setup all surround formats for Audyssey DSX. So my receiver very rarely clicks.
If you can get it from OneCall for under $1,000, get it.I love my 818. Great video, audio and one of the most feature pack AVRs out there for the price.P.S.It is Unicron, not Unicorn.
Ok, no more audio and video dropouts for me. Before, every other BD movie, I would get a dropout. I bought a HDMI extender and 2 high speed 24ga HDMI cables from Monoprice and watched 5 BD movies and not one dropout. Also, I feel the picture is a little sharper and has just slightly more contrast. So if you have dropouts, I really recommend getting better cables and a HDMI extender if your HDMI is longer then 20ft. Also, Monoprice was very fast and they have great...
If anyone is interested in buying the 818, go to Amazon. Edit: Just notice it is sold threw Amazon, not by Amazon. This might not be a authorized dealer. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007JOO4XE/ref=asc_df_B007JOO4XE2131308?smid=A1R58ZKS9HZKXV&tag=nextagusmp0351020-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395105&creativeASIN=B007JOO4XE Not a authorized dealer but CHEAP. http://www.powersellernyc.com/Catalog/View/120981
Anyone have a recommendations for a HDMI extender (HDMI to HDMI)? I am still getting audio/video dropouts once every other movie. I have never had this problem with my old Pioneer AVR with my 40ft HDMI. The 40ft HDMI is in the wall, so there is no replacing it. So I want to try a HDMI to HDMI extender. Please, if anyone of you use one and can recommend me one, please help.
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