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JD, Wish I had seen this a couple of days earlier. I had placed my order for the 4311 with One Call and it's on its way. I checked the price at Newegg with the coupon (huge difference ). I contacted One Call to see if they would pricematch, and they won't. I placed a duplicate order with Newegg, and will return the One Call once it arrives.
In case anyone is interested, I will be selling my AS-EQ1 here. I will put the ad up this weekend, have to pull it out of the rack and take some pictures. PM me if you might be interested.
Brent, thanks for that info, at least now I know that I'd have to order a new faceplate. So, the Denon site is wrong about the dimensions and wrong that the 4810 passes 3D video. I am amazed.
I am considering replacing my 4810 with the 4311 for a few reasons, 3D video pass through to my projector, the eq for dual subs and possibly for the Airplay if I can control the zones with an Ipad. I have a Parasound 5 ch amplifier and will only use the 4311 to power the rears, possibly heights and a second zone outside. A few questions. Can you control zones 2 and 3 via Airplay? The dimensions for the two units are identical per the Denon website, does anyone...
Just going by memory (mine, not the projector), it's probably about 10 sec or a bit less total to go from one to the other.
A bit OT, but if you are selling something in the classifieds and get 3 inquiries - the 3rd a commit to buy - would you take them in order or are you obligated to the "commit to buy"?
Don't know about the Peerless mount, but I was able to use my Chief universal mount. The Sony uses M5 bolts, but says 8mm max length. A couple of washers and you should be GTG.
Not much of a view from that second row!
Greg, I was just going through some of my older PMs, saw yours, and decided to drop by to see what carpet you ultimately chose. I don't care what anyone else says, I think that you have impeccable taste when it comes to carpet. Looks good!
No problem says Bob!!! It's a ceiling mounted projector and since I was so forward thinking, I couldn't image ever needing two HDMI cables there
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