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Would like to get some feedback on this myself. jstevens asked this question a while ago and no one answered
Anyone try this? Unfortunately their website wont let me log into MyServices. I have an account established, but the Sign In button is inactive for some reason. Anyone?
I'm afraid to ask... was True Blood watchable in HD last night? Or were there audio dropouts again?
First off, apologies if this question/issue has been raised before, but I couldn't find it... 1) I exchanged 2 SA 8300HD boxes at the 5th Ave location in Brooklyn, and I received 2 new SA 8300 HDC DVRs. So the first question is... should I have received a different brand such as the Samsung, or did I need to make a special request? 2) This is my main question... unlike my old 8300HDC, the buffer in the new one only records when the box is on and tuned to that channel,...
yeah, audio glitches are brutal right now during the ALCS
Is anyone else seeing multiple scheduled recordings of the same show (Entourage, True Blood, Weeds, Rescus Me, etc) due to repeats being coded as "NEW"
Yeah, I know about these options. But I prefer to have the clock off when the box is off, and on when the box is on (I have 2 boxes on top of each other, in the same room, for recording purposes. So seeing only 1 clock at a time assured me I only had one box on at a time. The power on light is small and not easy to distinguish across teh room). The old software had that option, something like "clock on, with set-top on", but that option is gone. Yes, I know its a...
Conversion complete. All recordings were transferred. But I'm not liking it. 1) The "Guide" seems to be messed up. Multiple shows like Entourage are coming up as NEW over and over again, so the DVR keeps trying to record them. Even when I "cancel recording"... 10 minutes later it shows up again. 2) I don't like the "first in, first out" nature of the recorded list. I liked it a lot better when I could put shows at the bottom of my list if I wanted them to be the...
So what does that mean to the masses who have a 8300HD boxes? What will change?
Thanks. Appreciate it. BTW, anyone hear any update from TW on the FOX705 audio issue? It was still bad last night.
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