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Wow... Nothing to do with TWC, but.... coincidently my wife and I were also at Landmarc last Friday. I also had the Filet. Thankfully, I was fine.
All, I've been experiencing serious audio/visual dropouts for the HD recordings of various shows (CSI, West Wing, Threshold, Alias, Lost, etc) for the past 2 weeks. I rarely watch live TV so I don't know if this is a problem with my box or the signal coming into it. And since I'm a week behind on shows, I keep hoping it was just a minor TWC signal problem that will go away once I get to the next batch of recordings. Well it hasn't gone away. So my question is... Is...
Me too. I'm crossing my fingers that the next time this happens it won't be the end of the box itself (and everything recorded on it). Have you called the helpful CSR center about it? Are they aware?
My 8300 has crashed twice in the last week doing this very same thing. Anyone know if this is a glitch?
Has anything ever been shown on HDPPV since it's been added? What a joke. TWC stills lists it as an accomplishment on their Weather Channel Scrawl. People who don't know any better might actually think it's a bonus to have it. Who can we complain to about it? Any ideas? If you call CS I'm sure they'll just give you the old "I don't know anything" line.
Well, from personal experience (which is better than a book or TWC anyway!), it is much closer to 20 than 40. It's closer to 20 than even 25. Not very good for someone who tapes a lot of stuff for future viewing. Unfortunately there are no options to help. Anyone know when the external drive capability will be activated?
You should be able to make a manual recording without erasing everything. If hitting "REC" while watching 708 appears not to work, then try setting up the manual recording while watching another channel. The MR function allows you to select the channel you want. Right? It's worth a shot, and at least you have no risk of erasing the whole drive.
Well, correct me if I'm wrong. Doesn't the 8300 have about 20 hours of HD space. To me, that is not a lot.
You guys are giving me some serious buyers remorse (although I know I shouldn't). Bought my 4340 from PC R a little over a week ago. I got a decent price, but this BB deal is a couple hundred below, plus you get the rebate, 3 yrs of interest free financing, a wall mount, and coupons for more stuff! I'm jealous!
Quote: Originally posted by Nelob Just bought the 4340 (4341 actually) and do not hear any noticeable buzz from the plasma. I do hear the fan noise from the media receiver. I don't pay much attention to it when the TV is set to a normal volume level, but can definitely hear it when the volume is low. Take care! I agree. Just got my 4340 last week and have found the same thing. It's only noticeable when the volume's low, and even then it's more...
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