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Is there a way to improve th PQ of the SD channels. Have to say, even though I was forewarned, I'm somewhat surprised at how poor the SD channels look on my pio plasma. Is this normal? Or should it be better. Is it a TWC issue?
Yeah, sorry, still out... appointment isn't until NEXT Monday.
Well when I called TWC they said they would need to dispatch someone. First appointment wasn't until Monday!
Is your box new? Patrick and I both just got these boxes intalled yesterday. Seems like too much of a coincidence, no? But if your box is old....
already did this about 5 times
pdroth, Are you a new subscriber? Or have you been able to receive 705 in the past?
Wow, I have the EXACT same story! Exact. So either Fox is having problems, or they got in a batch of bad boxes.
Hey all, Just got my Pio 4340 today. DVD is connected via component. Just tested the picture using The Bourne Supremacy and the picture has a green hue to it. Any idea why?
Looking at some old posts here... Have we confirmed that the optical cable IS NOT a problem? My SA8000HD arrives tomorrow, I want to hook it up right the first time for optimal performance.
My SA8000HD gets delivered tomorrow. Is it really that bad? Can anyone describe exactly what happens? Am I making a "mistake" getting HD?
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