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I personally "chase play" all the time. I start watching most shows 15 minutes after they start. It's the best way to eliminate commercial time. I've never had a problem.
Randy, that's actually a pretty good idea. I've thought of it, but wasn't sure if it was practical. Not to mention that I asked TWC if I could get an extra box and they told me they would have to treat it as "adding a set" and would need to come to my house, "install it", and charge me $30. How do you have it set up? Do you have the signals on an A/B splitter to your set? Or are you sending both through an A/V Receiver? Any degradation in quality? And lastly, for...
This is great stuff. Where did you get these numbers? How can I get these stats for TWC in NYC? Sorry if you've posted this before.
Mike, really appeciate all the feedback. But I did not follow that last line. Can you rephrase?
OK, but this box is a non-DVR box. Does TWC offer an HD-DVR box with a live firewire?
What do they consider "a need"? What is the model number for that one HD Box? Why don't they just provide a live firewire output for everyone? It sounds great and is something I'd consider. But why do I get the feeling the TWC customer service rep will have no idea what I'm asking? Thanks, though.... I'll investigate.
Is there really no other way?? I am about to buy an HDTV and will be swapping my DVR for an HD-DVR. My biggest concern is disc space since I routinely have 20-30 hours of programming on my drive at any one time during peak season.. I thought I would be able to easily "off-load" programs to a DVD Recorder, but I'm getting the feeling that isn't true. What options do I have? Is there nothing else that can record HD programming? (sorry, I'm a newbie as well)
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