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Thanks.May be you missed the bits of the conversation. I am already outdoors. I was just trying to see if I get benefit by going higher.. Joblo will comeback when he sees my post, but could you please let me know how one can use the pre-amp with the splitter in the middle. I am bit confused on that. Just to give an idea, my connections are like below. Antenna---------30ft------------->2Way...
 Thank you so much for the analysis and information. It is really good to know that I may not get any improvements by going on roof. I might try the porch roof instead that will give may be say another 5-7 feet height than the current location. Like you I have zero experience and knowledge in roof mounting the antenna and I am bit concerned about the possible leak and how to avoid it.. But that is a different problem to deal. As you have suggested I will try the rabbit...
You have connected HDMI cable between 150-pvr and TV, so your TV should be on that HDMI input. My understanding about the RF out on this box is that, it's just pass thru. i.e. it does not use the tuner in the box but will use the tuner from the TV. SO no channel 3 option here even if you use the RF out.
    Edit : Forgot to mention one thing. This week-end I used an external tuner (Sansonic ATSC SD tuner that I had got dome point when Analog to Digital transition was taking place) to connect to the TV that has issues with VHF channels, just to check. And I found it could get all possible channels (7 and 9 included) but only in SD (as the tuner is not HD). Not sure if this a mere Homeworks HD-150PVR or similar should also do the trick with the current 4221.
I wouldn't call it a hill. But the terrain is kinda like that. Cul-De-Sac is the lowest. My house can be considered midway between the top and bottom of the terrain (all things considered).But then again this all backs to the antenna. Antenna faces opposite of this towards the woods behind the house.
 As I recall and see my PM exchange with Digital Rules, 22 could get 7 and 9 w/o any issues, but it had choppy 20 and 26. I did not have a way to A/B as I had mounted 22 by removing the 4221. But I suspected mostly the height. The antenna was (and is) mounted just about 12-15 feet above ground. (Now this is from backyard ground. But if you consider the front of the house it may be barely 1-2 feet above ground).The plan that time (which did not materialize) was to mount the...
 Hi there, as you can see I am still "finding" the right thing. Lol..And I can not thank you enough for your help last spring..
 Thank you for that info.My intention of posting that response was just to share with everyone how twisted it could be. I don't intend to go for panels (alone) anymore. Thanks again..
 I had asked the question to HDB8x manufacturer and what I got is below..  Bowtie antennas in general pick up high VHF fairly well.    But this is just high-VHF. 7-13.  9-13 are picked up even easier.  If this antenna goes up to 70 UHF I would say it goes up to 40 VHF.  This is just from my hands on experience.  And this goes for most bowties.  If it does not receive how you want it to you can definitely return it, even if its installed.
 I have lot of trees behind my house and this the direction the antenna need to be pointed. Not sure if that gets factored in in the tvfool report.
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