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Anyone know if I can use any of the new Analyzer II software off the website. I have the original XTZ analyzer and currently have Analyzer Pro 2.0 installed? Sean
IMO your going about this backwards. figure out what software and OS you want based on your feature reuqirements and then buy HW that is compatible with your OS. You might start by looking at FreeNas, Unraid and Windows Home Server and maybe some commercial NAS's like the Synology disk station. you should also read up on raid. There are much better choices than raid1. Sean
my friend already ordered two. but then again he is currently shooting a 3-d feature with all RED gear and already has a 4K projector at home
Audio is the easy part. Video is where things get hosed. everything else on the market is sub standard to the oppo. go read the benchmarks if you want at anandtech and it will show you performance of HTPC's and streamers etc in objective torture tests...That said these torture tests seldomly apply to straight BD playback.Sean
Windows 8 storage pools perforamnce is downright awful!. The performance in my testing is almost 10X slower than unraid. if the performance were good it would be awesome. flexraid is way faster...what type of throughput are you getting with windows 8 storage pools?Sean
thanks so I assume that means you had 24P playback working before? Why on earth would you put windows 8 on an underpowered box like the revo. seems like a recipe for disaster.
How bout some screen shots on the video settings (Both menus System and Video) showing how you have it setup for 24p playback. I can't any video playback with 24p only at 60p with 3:2 pulldown?Sean
As usual I agree with Mark. I certainly wish but it wont happen
Excellent. Partner at work just bought one for the office after seeing XBMC on my old ION rig. I'm looking forward to setting this up. Any tips to getting the bit streaming to work etc? Can you remotely power this device ON? Sean
plex doesn't do HD sound. so is thats a requirement your looking in the wrong place.and those blurays compressed are going to look awful on your screen. even on my 50" plasma's they would look bad, never mind either of my FPJ setups.your goals seem to contradict each other.
New Posts  All Forums: