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Ended up switching out the Samsung for a Philips, which seems to play fine with the TiVo
Thanks, that looks like a good backup option if I can't ultimately find a model that works.
I have what is a fairly esoteric issue, and am wondering if anyone can offer suggestions either on the problem or on a brand of TV that won't have the problem. I have a TiVo HD. I connect it to the main TV with an HDMI cable, and then I run component cables from it to our other TV upstairs (we use a remote extender to operate the TiVo from upstairs). With the old TV this worked fine, but that TV died this week, so I got a new TV (Samsung 40EH6000). Anyway, the new TV...
I received a shipping notice and tracking number from Amazon today, and it's due to be delivered Thursday (Prime). I placed my pre-order three or four weeks ago when it was listing at $149.
Hey Bob, any update on the shipping status of these? I believe earlier you had estimated third week of August, but Amazon is still listing 1-2 months. Is there a delay?
Great, thanks! Wonder why they stopped mentioning it in the materials? Oh well. I'll wait for that one, then :-)
Bob, did you ever have a chance to find out about whether TiVo support is still a part of the WNDR3800?
Thanks. The TiVo support is likely a key factor in my considering this vs. the 3700. Colin
Glad to have stumbled onto this thread. Bob, I was wondering, has the TiVo support been dropped from the WNDR3800? In looking at this page and on the spec sheet I see it is no longer listed anywhere: http://www.netgear.com/home/products.../wndr3800.aspx Thanks, Colin
I'll send you a PM about where I got it, though it doesn't appear it's currently available. I like the TV quite well; I think my only beef with it is that it seems to take a long time to start up in conjunction with the HDMI connection from my HD TiVo. Seems like it takes about 20 seconds from the time I turn on the TV to the time I get picture and sound.
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