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And I would recommend Raid 6, as the space requirements of this type of array start to work against Raid 5 if and when you have a drive failure. There is a thread around here somewhere about it but basically the statistical failure rate of a hard drive measured in read/write access (in Raid 5) will be exceeded when performing a rebuild upon a single drive failure. This means that there is a high probability of a second drive failure during the rebuild process, resulting...
I use ToNMT to strip the "feature film" streams out of the bluray folders and remuxed into a single TS file that is loss-less but cuts out all the crap and the file doesn't have to be mounted - its playable by VLC, WMC, or just about any set-top box. The program can be downloaded here (***.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=1786) and was created for users of the Popcorn Hour and other NMT devices. It has a nice UI and allows you to pull the audio track you want....
I think this can be done via the airport express: http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/.../airtunes.html Use the onboard connections to satisfy digital output and add the airport express to stream analog audio. Not sure if this exactly what your are talking about but is probably how I'll satisfy my receiver's lack of D/A conversion for whole house audio distribution.
Yup - I have the same issue with only one of my folders, which is totally bizarre. I have 4 distinct movie folders which contain movies for me, the kids, my wife and then HD material (either downloaded from the TiVo HD or ripped from BR or HD-DVD) - my wife's is the only folder that has this issue, even though all of the folders have more than 11 .iso's, and all have a combination of .iso's and .mpg or .ts files. Unfortunately I haven't read about a solution to this...
Thanks, nice work. And although I'm disappointed there isn't an analog out (for headphones), it looks to be a nice input package for the price point. Any more thoughts on the performance so far?
Any chance of posting pictures? I'm anxious to see the actual scale of this thing and the input/output layout. As stated before, very little info on the internet (can't even find the user manual!) Thanks
Great - can you take some pictures of the input/output panel as well? There is hardly any information on this model available - Sony's site has next to nothing and everyone else is recycling the same pictures and press release. Also, can the subwoofer be placed on its side (ie underneath a piece of furniture) with the speaker facing up? Thanks
I'm having the same problem as t3 - I've got the NMT connected to my media server (Vista based) via SMB - wired connection. My XBMC has no problems playing my .ISO files but the NMT won't play them. Could the "sharing" issue affect the NMT and not XBMC? Very frustrating as I have almost 2TB of media that I'd like to use the NMT to stream.
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