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You make a good point, however, to quote Consumer Reports:Ian
You also have to consider the fact that every panel is different. Generally speaking, Samsung's experience less IR issues, but it's not a fait accompli. I just finished watching a ball game that went on for 12 innings and lasted over five hours. Despite the sports ticker, there was no noticeable IR on my set when I engaged the screen wash.Ian
The ST60 like some 3D TV's seems to be more prone to IR then the S60. I never babysit my S60 or worry about IR, but I still recommend certain precautions. It's better to be safe then sorry with any PDP. However, as Plasma PZ80u eluded to, I also don't game.Ian
I based my TV choices on sports and film content, which include broadcast, streaming and Blue-Rays. IMO, Panasonic is a better choice when it comes to over all PQ and reliability, then Samsung. These are points the OP should also take into consideration, but only if he can find one.Ian
Actually, I would take the same simple precautions with any plasma, regardless of brand. Like I posted earlier, I always appreciate your opinion, but unless your an avid gamer, on this point we differ. Ian
Yes, I do use the orbiter and I don't game. I also watch full screen content, or use the screen wash after displaying letter box content or bright static images like sports tickers. My screen has never shown any noticeable IR. My point is, that as long as you practice these minor precautions, you shouldn't have a problem and it shouldn't influence your buying decision.Ian
Like I posted, I use to wholesale Sony products. Statistically it was my least reliable brand. Pioneer and Panasonic were the most reliable.Ian
Who are you, Grisly Adams?Undecided with friendIan
Ditto. Personally, both as a rep and as a consumer, I've had issues with Sony products in terms of reliability. If I had to go to an LCD I would consider some of the higher end Toshiba's which have recently received very favorable reviews. I have one that is almost 4 years old which my wife leaves on constantly. It still performs like new, the blacks are pretty deep for an LCD, it has decent wide angel viewing, and continues to work flawlessly.Ian
New Posts  All Forums: