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Releasing the same ****** game (at least Madden and Fifa) every year with little to no changes, ****** servers, and I believe they were the first to introduce the $10 xbox live code for used games.
If anyone is interested, I am selling my i3 NUC setup on ebay. My user name there is the same as here.
Yeah, a lot of Europeans can't seem to grasp how huge our country is. In 2010 I had some cousins visit us. They live in Norway. They wanted to go to Disney in Orlando and couldn't believe it that we would have to fly from Philadelphia to Orlando and it's a 2 hour flight. Hell, they were surprised we would have to drive two hours to go to the nearest beaches in the Jersey Shores.
lolI was being sarcastic.We had a guy here once that recommended $10,000 monoblocks to a member who had Focus 140 speakers.
Nothing that a $10,000 Boulder amp can't fix
If he has an Intel based system then it will decode DTS-HD internally. I know it works with my Intel NUC build.
Yes, in the audio output settings choose 'analog' instead of 'hdmi'.
Because you don't have any speakers connected in zone 2. You can't send sound from zone 2 to speakers that are used for the main zone.
Same here. My 2 year pricing with FiOS just expired and the bill went up $30 a month but no way I would go back to Comcast. I hated their customer service (if you could call it that) and their garbage equipment.
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