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Yes, the F8000 is the 2013 replacement of the 2012 ES8000.
Toe,I haven't seen it yet BUT I do think we've been saturated with tooOOOOoooo much RDJ as well. Even if I had zero interest in IM3 myself, my wife demands that I deliver this combo pack along with dinner. If I don't I could risk a serious domestic compliance situation. Cheers!
Hi Ralph, As always your reviews are superior. I'll be buying this after work tonight. Looking forward to both the 2d and 3d version. I'm a fan of 3d and after having a 3d display for 15 plus months it's obvious that a truly engaging and enjoyable 3d experience is dependent on a combination of: the source material, topic, studio mastering and a display that can produce bright 3d experience. Kind regards, Jon
Hi Raist3001, it may be a while before I have a chance to post my 3D setting but they are not to far off of the presets. I do prefer to use 16x9 as opposed to screen-fit as it fills more of the screen and reduces the "flashlights" that is inherent to 3d on these edge-lit leds. My 3d pic is razor sharp with little ghosting that seems to be very source related as opposed to the model even though some people have said the 60" is known to ghost more. I suggest making sure your...
Star Trek "into darkness" (2d & 3d) + un60es8000 = an amazing home theater experience! Wow!
Gamermwm....ditto. Glasses free 3d on 4k/oled in a few years....my thoughts exactly.
Chris...."Oh I see Bladrunner is snooping around my posts elsewhere, and now known as "Threadhopper" jk, lol...you busted me"...LOL, thats too funny my man. Dithering is the natural full-time characteristic of the plasma technology where, as you get closer, the details are active -blotchy having an active "painted" on effect. I'm not sure i am describing this perfectly. That said, sometimes it is better to not know so much or be so aware of the "data" as it can make it...
Yes Rico, i need the razor sharp pic of my 8000 along with the POP! Death to the dithering! As much as I was impressed with the f8500 in the showroom, i'd be sending that back in a few weeks after being dithered to death. For me if i was shopping it would be either a 65 f8000 or a 70"sharp quattron for crazy good money.
I see that Chrisjmccord is going plasma thinking there are minimal issues as compared with Led/Lcd. Let us know how that works out Chris. I think the reason you think lcd/led has many more issues is that it outsells plasma by a trillion to one...or close to it so that allows for slightly more feedback on led/lcd.
After shopping on a regular basis for blurays at BestBuy or for accessories at HHGregg....there's not one flat panel out there that causes "wanting or remorse" in me when i get home and kick back with my un60es8000. Love my Sammy more than ever. The good news is that there will be sweet options in the 65-80" class when i do pull the trigger in 3 to 4 years at very pedestrian prices no matter which technology we choose.
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