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After shopping on a regular basis for blurays at BestBuy or for accessories at HHGregg....there's not one flat panel out there that causes "wanting or remorse" in me when i get home and kick back with my un60es8000. Love my Sammy more than ever. The good news is that there will be sweet options in the 65-80" class when i do pull the trigger in 3 to 4 years at very pedestrian prices no matter which technology we choose.
SteFuel, i agree that clear does soften the pic slightly. I use standard. I dont have stutter but the occasional blur...but imho its easy to live with for the sharper punchier picture. Well worth the trade off.
I appreciate your reply. I totally agree that 3d is much improved when reducing letterbox and gaining real estate on the screen. Another benefit is that it reduces further the flashlighting effect that is inherent in the 3d mode due to brightness levels required.Technically my question still stands, does the 16x9 setting reduce resolution in any way or just reduce minimal right/left image information?I cannot detect any difference in pic quality but (being more of a video...
Gamermwm, i have enjoyed the 3d conversion as well at times... Regarding aspect setting; does 16x9 degrade pic or resolution other than filling more of the screen and cutting off some information on the sides? I use screen fit for bluray and really like how 16x9 cleans up the various channel and material formats on fios.
Hello Cjvnyc. Your data may be misleading. I have been streaming full 1080p from VUDU via the SmartHub on my Samsung bluray e6500 player for almost a year. When the stream is behaving at it's best it looks almost as good as some bluray and FIOS 1080i that I've seen. This should be no different if done via the SmartHub on the tv itself.
Kudos to all of you who own the F8500. As an extremely satisfied owner of the 2012 un60es8000 i gotta tell ya...not that i am in the market now but the F8500 is the first plasma that I would spend my own cash on since Kuro. I was never inspired by any plasma in between these two. The SammyF IMHO easily beats the Panny models.
Thanks Jestered. Your input is appreciated and valued and pricing is definitely fantastic. I imagine i will buy the 2nd or 3rd generation Evo before a new panel in 2016.
I can understand perceived slight improvements in pic quality with the add of the EVO kit but I think we all can see from observing different threads and forums on the topic now, there is an absence of substantiated and significant or dramatic bump in the level of improvement in picture quality...IF pic quality was the only motivator to add the kit as it is in my case, I sit patiently and open minded as I continue to track progress. I bought my 60es8000 in June 2012 and...
Ralph, As always your work is appreciated. ...AUTOMATIC purchase for me as I'm not only an HD/Bluray junkie but a vintage g.i.joe collector as well so this decision is about as easy as breathing.... Boom! biggrin.gif.... Wow, this 2d pic is easily one of the best I've ever seen. I put it up there with Skyfall, Zero Dark Thirty and 3:10 to Yuma as some of the most razor sharp and detailed I've seen. Loved the color palette and the audio is excellent although admittedly my...
parodielin, glad to hear you have a sweet panel. I've had mine 14 months now and no issues. The only time any weird things ever happened was when i turned on smart features and used the smart remote. I have all that stuff turned off and i dont get any drama. I will say that the pic quality has improved in time. Recently FIOS looks so good that i was thinking they made upgrades but i am unaware if them doing anything and i run at their highest speed for all services and...
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