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Rico, agreed..the f8500 IMHO destroyed the vt50 next to it. Was not even close except in blacks. Obviously as hot as i think the 8500 is i would be hesitant to own a plasma.
I honestly do not know what i can deal with more easily: -inferior color in standard mode Or -flashlight in movie mode just as i think i settled in on Standard... In standard mode today, a hot pink/fuscia sweater on a Hoda Kapay on NBC was fuzzy and just okay, in movie mode it was super detailed....extremely different in detail and quality . Its seems movie mode is best for daytime, standard for low light night viewing... I just want one mode best for all...ahhHHHhhhh
Ripper64, i took my time when shopping, actually carried around my own bluray player, hdmi cable and bluray discs when narrowing the choices. I purchased my 60" es8000 after a direct comparison with a vt50, LG, Sony and Sharp in fairly well light controlled rooms.Elite was sweet but Not even close to being worth price difference. Maybe a few hundred difference.I agree, love love love the slim trim floating bezel. No going back from that design trend.Panny was a 4th place...
Cmay, i am convinced our boy Eagle2 will never be comfortable with a tv purchase. I have witnessed his "buyer experience" for the past year ...oy vay!
Darcman, agree..actual review of product after ownership experience is the prudent and correct process. There is much more history behind Anthony's "editorial" and I couldnt even begin to expand upon it without hijacking this thread ...but i understand your perception of that especially if you were not familiar with circumstances. You and i do share a very common thought about the es8000.
Darcman, i gotta tell ya, i know Cmay and i know Anthony ....absolutely two different people. Cmay was just doin some friendly breakage of stones. I know we all agree that 300 bucks is small change for improvements and what not...hell i spent that on blurays alone in the past month. Its not the cash that rankles some of us sometimes....its the indecision, marketing , lame fw along with what looks potentially like broken promises. You know i love my panel. I have been...
thebignewt, The F8500 is their new plasma. Its awesome. It would be on my short list if i was.shopping... Nicest plasma i've seen so far. But, if shopping plasma i would have to see the new panny vt60 and zt60 to see which one has the best buzzing! LOL
OuggaBooga, there is a growing thread on Amazon about the "kit"!
Digimat, i have not even bought a used hdDVD in a few years. Love my dvd's on that machine. The last comparison i ever did was the first Transformers in HdDvd vs bluray on my Sony s550. Too close to tell a difference on my rpLCd Sony. 10k, superior input there, thank you... Jestered, IMHO bluray "reference material" NOW and for the past 2 years has exceeded hdDvd reference discs of that era. Yes, my HDa30 is slow to boot...but it sure delivers a smokin dvd pic. I...
Exactly! I hope my pessimism is wrong and that i'm rewarded for my buying decision with the opportunity to buy a "Smart Evo" kit that is proven to improve pic quality...but I am skeptical about that truly ever happening with the kit. My eyes and mind are wide open.I didnt spend my money based on the sales pitch about Evo. I stored that information as a future FYI.I do all the SmartHub "heavy lifting" from my sammy bluray player so that has taken the pressure off the tv for...
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