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what's his picture setting?
ok, got the G25 yesterday. LOOOVE it! I am running the break-in pics.. but y'know what bugs me? NO NETFLIX... seriously.. wtf! they advertise the hell out of it. also, i purchased the wireless USB dongle from panny.. and guess what, i cant conenct to the internet. i had to use a network cable to update the firmaware from 1.0 to 2.0... kind of dissapointed in those things. anyone have any luck with either?
thinking about this syste, (730).. can someone give me a review of it? how does it sound? i currently have an Onkyo system that pretty happy with, but just purchased the 50" G25 plasma tv and want to take advantage of VieraLink... help?
i just bought the G25 last night. a friend of mine who does video installations for huge multinational companies swear only by Panny. He's a very trusted friend, and i can say that he's seen them all. He said the Panny are the best to work with and the highest quality. take that for what its worth, and keep in mind that he's not a home theatre guy, but an "experience" guy. He did video installations for Charlotte's Web, auto shows, etc, etc... hope this helps.
any particular reason why?
also, what about life of the TV? am i looking at a brightness that is 50% after a few years? ideally, id like it to be a purchase that will last at least 5 years.
well, i guess i am concern is about burn-in as i may have the desktop of my mac mini onscreen. really, i turn it off, but my wife/son may not. i dont know why i am so frightened of buying a plasma. price is right, size is right, picture quality is all there... yet still.. i have this knot in my stomach... WHY??? help? i want to purchase this set tomorrow.
thinking of buying the panny TC-P50G25... but i often play games, or just let my mac mini play pandora/itunes/etc onscreen. is this something is should be worried about? is the whole image retention still an issue? also, if i put my mac mini at full 1080, will this tv shave pixels off the top/bottom/sides? thanks!
well, here's my dillema, i really like the oppo and since my wife recently fried our phillips 642, im considering the OPPO. I am also considering a Mac Mini since it can most likely act as a worthy media hub (DVI out) and cn play DivX HD... etc... but... last night after getting my DVI --> HDMI (since my TV only takes in HDMI and not DVI) i noticed the the TV would only play in 720p after hooking my powerbook up to it... looked good.. but still.. it wasnt 1080i... oh...
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