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So far no drop outs---Dish 622 with optical audio.
Sirius is adding 3 new channels Frank Sinatra channel-75 Jamie Foxx-106 90's alternative-24 90's alt channel some channels are moving too see all changes here http://www.sirius.com/servlet/Conten...=1158082411510
Quote: Originally Posted by puckhead Could you give the model number of this receiver? TIA JVC KD-HDR1 It's even on sale at Crutchfield :)
Acording to antennaweb I don't get no digitals, lot's of analogs. The only major networks I can't get is NBC(28) and PBS(61). I find http://www.2150.com/broadcast/ to be more reliable. I'm 50 miles south of ESB.
Knowing a close proximity of your location might help others. Its just a blank statement otherwise . EDIT- Saw local in body of post NOTE wish ppl could put local in signature.
Results seem typical to mine, try it again about 11 o'clock tonight, always seem to be better at late night.
I'm in ocean county and CBS is my strongest signal. 90+ at post time.
You'll probably will need an amp.
Sorry, Are you using a TV with a built in tuner or a set top box( dish/directv, etc).
Quote: Originally Posted by Ratman I wonder how that 4228 and 7775 would have perfomed as suggested in post #2? :) Ratman, that's the setup I have in the same county as Stryker, so far from reading his posts results are close. Stryker, STB or TV?
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