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Watched part of the Blu Ray last night, and it had audio drop outs all over the place, so I switched to LPCM, and had none. I'm using a Sony 790 Blu Ray player, and an Onkyo 808 receiver.
Yeah, I look forward to seeing this on Blu Ray as apposed to low rez. youtube.
For me it was the old PC game Homeworld 1999. For it's time it was spectacular, and still looks good today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di4NlkpKaGw
Damn, I didn't even know this, and I have Netflix. I have the DVD and it definitely could do with an update. I wouldn't expect miracles out of the Blu Ray transfer, but the Blu Ray has got to be better than the DVD.
I'm really loving this game! I played the original, and I think the developers have done an excellent job of stream lining this game. Took me a little bit of time to realize that you could increase my squad size from the initial four, and therefore I went on several tough missions undermanned, and this led to me losing my sniper early on! Eventually, I got a new one and she is deadly!
I totally agree about post 3D conversions, but James Cameron did a masterful job with Titanic, so IMHO this movie is the exception.
Picked up the PC version last night ( PC version has the kinda cool art book ), but I did not install. Hopefully, I will get to check the game out tonight or by the weekend.
I'll have to watch the 3D version tonight ( watched 2D last night ). I will say for best live action 3D, my vote goes to Titanic. My opinion might change after I watch Prometheus tonight, but Titanic blew me away, especially considering this film was not originally filmed for 3D.
I have a Sony S790 and played the 2D version of the movies and the deleted scenes, and had zero problems. Bought the 4 disc 3D set from Best Buy, and my player has the latest FW.
I agree totally.
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