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This is tough! Gattaca Aliens The matrix The andromeda strain Star Wars
Bought my 60" GT50 about amonth ago when Best Buy and Amazon were doing the $1899 match. Went with BB in the end for the local shipping, and they through in the 36 month no interest deal. I didn't really need the financing, but it's kinda like free money, and I recieved approx. $50 in rewards coupons as well.
I agree. I will probably get a copy for my PC first, but I think I will get an Xbox version as well. The original was my favorite!!!
Use the CNET settings to get yourself started. http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/panasonic-tc-p55gt50/4505-6482_7-35123235.html
I've noticed this as well, but I have pixel orbiter enabled. I'd rather have that feature on than off. For me, it doesn't really bother me, I hardly ever even notice this is happening.
I bought a Samsung 59D7000 when it first came out, a year and half ago. Loved the tv, but to make a long story short, the tv died and due to the cost to fix, I decided to replace the tv. I bought a Panasonic 60GT50, and the this set is awesome! The biggest difference to me was the slight increase in depth & detail in the picture quality. I think this is due to the excellent black levels. I will say the Samsung was slightly better with 3D, but that is not really important...
Yeah, this is why I have this movie ( I own the 3D ), it sets the standard for 3D viewing. Cameron seems to always have the same theme through his movies: female lead / hero, crazy soldiers, and evil corporations.........Aliens,Abyss, even Titanic had similarities...
My 59D7000 died a little over two weeks ago. My tv was out of warranty ( 15 months old). In the end I chalked this up to a learning experience and I went out an bought a Panasonic 60GT50. Previously, before my D7000, I had a Samsung DLP which I had to fix just after a year old ( colapsed light tunnel ), later on Samsung paid for this one due to a class action law suite. Not sure I will buy from Samsung any time soon.
Always liked this one, I put in my preorder. The DVD is pretty bad.
I'm thinking my repair will cost a lot, I'm pretty sure they will have to replace the main logic board. I've paid $88 for the house call, but it is real hard to transport a 59" plasma. Thanks!
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