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So how much did this set you back? I had almost the exact thing happen with my Samsung 59D7000 plasma, that is fifteen months old. I heard a fairly loud pop, and the plasma would not turn on. I had a Samsung repair guy come out and look at it, and it looks like a compacitor blew, and damage occured on the main board ( looks like that will need to be replaced ). The service guy tried to bypass this and get the TV to power up, but was unable to, so he took the TV back to the...
My Samsung 59D7000 just died. I heard a loud pop and the picture went out. The TV does not power up. I bought the TV March 2011. I guess it's time for the repair guy.........
Almost forgot this one. How to train your dragon is awesome in 3D!
Agree Hubble is good, but out of all the 3D blu rays I've seen, Avatar still rules. Otherwise, I would recommend the new version of Tron.
Not seeing this movie release at any of my local stores. Checked Best Buy,Walmart, and Target.
After reading this thread, I decided to watch the first four episodes on youtube. The show is pretty good, I'm hooked.
Yep, I bought mine from Amazon UK, when it first came out, and it was like $30 cheaper than the US version which was almost $90 at the time. So, your deal is awesome.
Short answer = Yes. Excellent picture and sound quality.
Yep, I saw The Thing when it first came out in video, I'm prety sure I rented it on Betamax. I'm getting old!
To me, it look like McGee might be killed off or seriously wounded, looking at the blast on last night's show.
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