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Yep, this is why I rip my purchased Blu Rays anymore. Once you start ripping out all the BS, you can't go back.
I think a 60" would be fine. I own a Samung D7000 59", and I sit 8.5 to 9ft ( depending where I'm at on my couch), and I sometimes wish I had the 64" model.
Nice! Boy that 73" TV is big. Also like the speakers.
I haven't seen this one, but the Underworld franchise is a guilty pleasure for me, must be Kate Beckinsale in tight leather...........:-)
One more vote for Star Trek as well, great replay value. Also, add Serenity to the list!
I love my Onkyo 805. It has always worked flawlessly. I have it hooked up to my Onkyo 808 receiver, looks good.
This is all you need : http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 Monoprice 6ft 28AWG High Speed HDMI® Cable w/Ferrite Cores - Black
If your hard drive is formatted as NTFS ( I'm assuming it is), you will not need to do anything. I have two Mediasonic's, and I love these things.
The newer Oppo BDP-93 is not quite as good as the older 83 with DVD's, but it is suppose to be very close. They changed the chipset from Anchor Bay to the Marvell chipset in the 93. The focus today is not as great on DVD anymore, but on 3D and adding wb services. So, I would never get rid of the XA-2 or A35, both are awesome machines!
I have an XA-2 and an Oppo 83 Blu Ray player, and the Oppo 83 is slightly better on DVD than the XA-2, which is very good. I tend to use the Oppo for DVD, just because that player is much faster at loading discs, and booting up.
New Posts  All Forums: