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Bought my 83 for the same reason.
Damn! Six years already, I'm getting old!
I thought the last Aliens vs Predator was pretty good, but the graphics on this look like they will take it up another notch. These games always have me on edge, and I can't stand the little alien radar detector beeping in the background in a dark tunnel! Ah!!!! I'm in for this game.
Enjoyed the last MOH single player part, but I agree the multi player was not so good.
I've downloaded WC Saga, but only played for a few minutes ( training only ), but it looks very good. The game is very polished for a free game, looks more like paid for release title. Definitely worth your time to check it out.
F--k yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! That was good, and there is going to be another season!
I've kept all my players ( A1,XA2,A3, Onkyo D800), and I have probably 130 HD-DVD's. I've been tempted to sell it all, but I must admit I have an attachment towards my HD-DVD stuff, and I don't think I would get much money for the stuff. I unfortunately bought most of my stuff when it was new, so these weren't at discounted prices, other than the A3. All my discs and players work flawlessly. However, I hardly use my players anymore because I have since moved almost all my...
I need to rewatch this again. It is amazing how much of this I've forgotten.
Saw the movie in the theater, and enjoyed it. However, never thought of this movie as Oscar caliber.
Wow! Another great episode. It's all coming to a head next week.
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