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I was very surprised the black country singer was rejected. I thought he was superior to many.
That's how they are portrayed and yes it's logical, but brothers talk. I can't believe Ray hasn't shared why he hates Mickey with a passion and then there's what happened with sister suicide (which obviously Ray blames on Mickey). Also, both brothers would have been witness or subjected to similar abuse during their teenage years. So, I get your point, it makes sense, but it's too simple for the complexity of these relationships. I can't see the bros being sympathetic...
I like the show too, but for the life of me, I can't understand why Mickey's kids, other than Ray, want to have anything to do with him, but kill him. The guy is despicable. I'm not quite understanding the dynamic between Ray and wifey either. Ray's pissed at her for inviting Mickey in, justifiably. Evidently, he's never explained just how bad a guy Mickey is...or...the fact that he was forced to give head to him in exchange for ice cream. So wifey falls for the...
I sure hope it's better than S2.3. I've tried to rewatch the last season for months, but keep falling asleep. While I've done the first one 3 times, loving it to death. I think basing it in Africa may have been part of the problem. I like having them roam various locales. Then again, while I love Tywin Lannister, he was a very disappointing big bad for me.
Zardoz was a wonderful movie if the first time you saw it you were on acid. If you saw it straight, it was an incredible snooze fest. Oh, the 70s where movies were directed at those of us who were stoned all the time...and were lucky enough to grow up in the 80s.
Maybe after all the drama they're now great friends....it happens.
They're sausage...get used to it.
While I've been entertained thus far, this is smacking me as a Sopranos redux. Sure the Mickey v. Ray dynamic is different, but I don't see that lasting more than this season...could be wrong. However, the family dynamic is eerily similar to the Sops, wifey wanting the perks, but not pay the price for Ray's success, a couple of teenage kids that are already skidding off the rails. The Bros and Ray's surrounding characters will generate the stories that will interest...
I agree and yet I disagree. Dex always seems to buy into a naïve world view for a short time. Convinces himself and seems to agree, but eventually his lizard brain kicks in and he does something awful to those that have mislead him. Lila, Jimmy Smits, Trinity and most recently Yvonne all took advantage of a need within Dexter to have a connection...then all paid the price. BTW where is Yvonne...wanna see the black bra back in action.
I've been watching the Food Network a lot recently. I'm thinking Bill ought to render them down a bit, add some fat, chicken stock, peppers and other spices, then throw their corpses in to the sausage maker (after removing the bones) and VIOLA..."Hot Young FaeryPepper Sausage"...put them on a gourmet bun, a little slaw, some sautéed onions and this dish will be on the Bon Temps version of Diners and Dives.
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