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Hi. Several year ago I had my TV (Samsung HL-S6187W) and receiver (Onkyo TX-SR876) professionally calibrated by a well known guru, and I was totally happy with the results. Unfortunately, my receiver had its HDMI board replaced recently, and not surprisingly both my sources (satellite set top box and HTPC) look like crap now. So I picked up an i1Display Pro and thought I'd take a stab at doing the receiver myself. I figured the TV was the hard part, so doing just the...
Hi. My Onkyo TX-SR876 receiver (along with my TV) was calibrated by Michael Chen several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to have the HDMI board replaced recently, and of course his settings were lost (and presumably wouldn't work well on the new board even if I had them). Since the receiver is pretty old now it didn't make sense to get it professionally recalibrated (though I'm rethinking that , so I thought I'd take a stab at doing a basic calibration myself (starting...
Ah, thanks. The problem was that the default playback device was "Speakers". When I changed it to "Digital Output", all was well. Could have sworn I had already made that change, but apparently not.
I just picked up my card yesterday, and haven't yet had the opportunity to try out any HD audio content with it, mostly because I'm having problems with the simple stuff, specifically playing DTS WAV files from my library. I use foobar2000 as a player, including the "spdif passthrough" component/plugin which worked with my previous card, passing DTS straight to my receiver. But with the HDAV card, foobar tells me "Sound card driver has refused SPDIF format". In "Xonar...
ecrabb's right on. My TV is a Samsung HLS-6187W DLP which accepts 1080p via component. This should be considered a big deal for those with a large investment in XBox 360 1080p content (and without HDMI), and to those people I'd suggest avoiding Onkyo AVRs. Luckily I've only got one 1080p game, and 6 HD DVDs, neither of which I've used in months. So while I'm a bit disappointed, I'm not too put out.
So I finally figured out the problem with my inability to switch my XBox 360 connected via component video; I had the XBox Display->HDTV Settings set to "1080p". Once I changed it to 1080i, it worked fine. Pretty disappointing really, because it cripples HD DVD playback. Luckily I've only got a handful of discs. I don't know how much game play would suffer.
Yes, there's OSD volume, and it's on by default. I just turned mine off last night in fact. But it didn't negatively impact the video stream at all.
It's both, if I understand what you're asking. Perhaps you'd be best off just downloading the manual and checking for yourself though. I don't have the link handy, but just visit onkyousa.com and go to support->manuals.
I'm not kingfats, but FWIW, I've been very happy with the 876 so far (other than my aforementioned component input problems). The first unit I received had some minor issues (some permanently lit pixels on the display, manual volume dial didn't work) so my retailer quickly replaced it. I've observed no lip sync issues at all, but have noticed in the manual that there's a couple of ways of dealing with them if they arise. I've been very impressed with the sound processing...
Thanks, kingfats, that's the first confirmation I've seen of somebody getting this working. I must be doing something wrong. AFAIK, once I've set HDMI Main for output, I should just have to go to the "Component Video Input" screen and associate "Game/TV" with IN1. Assuming I've got the 360 plugged into input #1, and the receiver switched to Game/TV, it should work, right? Was there anything else you had to do?
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