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Yep WWMT (and WLAJ in Lansing) which is owned by Freedom Communications, has been sold to Sinclair. Now, is that a plus???? It is a coin flip when it comes to which company is worse when it comes to upgrading their equipment.
I think it may have to do with the Television. Mine, I HAVE to enter the 10x.x channel number. In the same market at a local watering hole, they can enter. 105.1 or 8.1 to get WOOD-TV. They had no idea they had local HD and TBSHD until I showed them.
With the cable directly connected to the TV, try looking in the 105.1-108.5 channel range for local HD channels, That is where they are in TC and W. MI.
A question for those on Charter in W. Michigan. I live less than a 1/2 mile from the Allendale Super Headend. Every time I rescan for HD channels in the clear, I get a different set of stations, usually on different channels. A few weeks ago when I rescanned I Lost WOOD-TV. So I kept rescanning over and over with no luck in getting WOOD-TV but eventually gained Channel 9&10 and 7&4 out of Traverse City. Anyone else lose WOODTV or gain the TC stations?
It is a Grand Rapids station. Their tower is near Grant MI
This is from the GR Press; "The station thought it had the problems fixed after Friday night's Michigan-Clemson game, but issues arose again Saturday during Michigan State-Robert Morris."
According to the GR Press, WWMT had issues again during the Mich. St game Saturday??? I was surprised to log in and see no complaints! I did like WWMT's explanation though. "With CBS jumping quickly from game to game in the opening rounds, the logistics of broadcasting the tournament can be daunting, Lutton said. As a result, WWMT has an engineer standing by that monitors only the HD feed." Games were picture perfect here up north.
Well, heck that happens with or without bankruptcy. Interesting to see Charter offering 60/10 service in St Louis.
According to their letter, absolutely nothing. Part of the letter states, "Rest assured that our operations are strong, and that we continue to focus on enhancing our products and services. We know that speed and reliability are what Internet customers value most, and just last month we launched Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra60 with 60 Mbps speed, the fastest residential Internet service in the country. We will soon boost Charter High-Speed Internet Max from 16 Mbps...
Dont know about the FCC, but Congress is going to get it pushed back to June it looks.
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