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To be fair, there are 15 discs in this set. You do get some bang for the buck.
Sounds good. Thanks for the assist. I think I'll just bring the seldom used cable box from downstairs up to this tv for the duration of the preggo. Don't know why I didn't think of that earlier. Or I could just buck up for another monthly box from my provider.
Any new ideas for this problem? I have a coaxial cable just sitting in my bedroom and moved my olevia lcd monitor into that room figuring I could just wire it up directly for basic cable. Didn't really look at the back of the tv before making these big plans. With all the electronic gadgets out there, nobody makes something cheap to turn coaxial into HDMI or some other plug? HD not a deal breaker. Just want basic cable for the preggo wife so she has something to...
Picked up the D550 Plasma as well as the 6700 bd player. Is there anything special I should be doing to break this thing in properly? Link to a FAQ or something?
If I'm reading the website correctly, Best Buy appears to be giving away a low end blu-ray player for free with the PN51D550. Not sure about the glasses / shrek / etc.
Went to Best Buy intending to more or less come home with the PN51D550 but all the plasmas around this price point seemed dark. I read enough on this board to know that store lighting / sales techniques leave a lot to be desired but this did alarm me a bit. Also their video source didn't seem to do a lot of favors for the 1080p as I couldn't tell much of a difference. Should I more or less completely ignore the store displays due to differences in settings / viewing...
Thanks for the info. I know I'll want a bigger drive. I'll start researching TB drives once I get more experience with this thing. This drive is one I happened to have lying around for another purpose that never came to fruition.
Sorry for the ignorant post but I've been searching this board and elsewhere but coming up with too many answers not relevant to my noobish questions. I just want to do things right the first time. This board for example sends me to page 289 of a 165 page thread. Just got a 320 gb WD Passport and WDTV Live. Neither have ever been used. 1) Do I need to format the Passport? 2) Any advantage to NTFS vs Fat32?
I'm thinking about hooking up some speakers and a cheap amp right through the headphone jack to play my mp3 player / blackberry while I'm plowing snow. Is that doable? Sound quality isn't a huge issue. Just want to be able to tap the mp3 collection and some podcasts while driving around in circles. FM radio is unacceptable. FM Transmitters barely get it done and I'm looking for something more stable. Headphones aren't an option since I need to be able to hear the...
Get Firefox and there are many extensions to help you out. I've downloaded a ton of vids with Download Helper. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3006
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