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Do you have other subwoofers? You should be able to run Audyssey, tell it you have no subwoofer, then simply enable the subwoofer in your speaker setup, connect your bass shakers and then don't re-run the Audyssey calibration.
well they see that Yamaha and Pioneer are getting away with it so they figure "why not us"?It will probably improve their profit margins and not overly impact sales outside of the enthusiast crowd.Hell, companies get away with more... $4000 2013 NAD AVR has XT instead of XT32... It is laughable.
arringo, Thanks for the explanations on 4250 technical shortcomings... in any event I bought an X4000, as I did not need the additional amp channels of the SR7008. I will contemplate an external amplifier for my 5 channels at a later time.
If I had to stare up over a fireplace to watch TV in my great room you'd be better off just scooping my eyes out with a melon baller.
Yeah that would explain it then. Bummer.
Control box is already installed in the bottom of the cabinet which the TV is suspended over on a large mounting arm... so probably a good 30" or more away.With the Denons does it not disable the IR receiver in the front when you plug the cable into the "IR in" port in the back? This has been the case with all of my other AVRs. There is a partial line of sight to the bottom of the cabinet where the AVR is and I wonder if this is a crosstalk problem between the IR coming...
Panasonic VT30. The lamp on the Xantech is always lit when the plasma is on but I just put a piece of tape over it.
I did a google search and saw that someone in another forum posted that they had the exact same problem with the same two components. I am using a Harmony One.One possible problem is interference from my plasma. It has not been a problem with my other gear but the model of Xantech I am using is not as well shielded as the newer generation devices.I have already tried another port in the extender block but I will consider trying another mono plug.In the interim I am using...
Just a little update on my situation. The refurb vendor of my X4000 agreed to take it back (they actually had me ship it directly to Denon) and refund my money. My super awesome wife then purchased one for me direct through Amazon (brand new) using some of her massive stack of credit card points (who knew those were actually good for anything). New unit is working well after doing calibration and updating firmware... at least in a 90 minute stress test with the film...
You should probably put this in context as he was just saying his CC budget was $150 and he got an AVR that goes for about $199.
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