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Honestly the biggest issue I have had with in ceiling speakers is having enclosure rattles or problems with the walls rattling at theater type listening levels. I had some budget cambridge speakers installed in the ceiling when I bought the home and just a year or so ago I finally broke down and purchased something "decent", which was a set of Definitive UIW RCS III speakers. They are bipolar speakers designed more for theater listening then audio but still sound pretty...
PSB is typically quite wiling to answer these questions for you. You can open a quick account at the PSB Lounge and see what center channels they recommend at the lower end of their range that will properly match with the towers you have.If the Yamaha will drive the speakers at the volumes you listen at without clipping then you are fine until some feature-gap etc causes you to upgrade. If the Yamaha won't do the job there are some very good used AVRs out there for...
The unit is a refurb and they already offered to replace it with another one... however, this might have soured me on Denon refurbs permanently.
The cabinet has front bottom and top rear venting along with a couple of 8" cooling fans so I don't think it's an overheating issue although I can't say this is impossible. Certainly the 818 and it's predecessor (a high end Yamaha) never had heating issues in the same cabinet.
You really want to get a center channel from the same manufacturer and line for timbre matching between the fronts and center. Having experimented with many different speakers over the years I personally can pick up on a mis matched center pretty quickly. You would be far better saving your pennies till you can afford a decent center and just running the system in 2 channel mode for now with a phantom center if your AVR supports that. RXV375 is a budget Yamaha, it is hard...
Thanks I will consider it, especially if the warranty is transferable.Interestingly enough prior to calling PSB I had also emailed their tech support via their PSB online web help forms.I just got a reply today and this particular tech/engineer foresaw no problems with using the X4000 and thought it would be a "good match" to the PSB Imagine T. It is becoming increasingly likely that the X4000 I have is simply defective, or that it is a cooling issue.
This is what I have right now with my 818 and it's a bit of a PITA to run analog from all my digital sources, etc.... but admittedly the 4250 has much more robust amps that are probably a better match for the speakers I am driving.It seems that for similar money I really might be better off going with an X4000 + Emotiva if I can somehow make it work in the space I have.
Out of curiosity what has pulled some of you to purchase the SR7008 over the X4000 if the amplifiers aren't any better? Cosmetics?
That's also a good recommendation although it would suck to lose some of the newer features like independent zone 2 HDMI that the 4250 does not have.
Ok, that is definitely an option although finding an amp that will fit in the space I have will be difficult. Also don't know if the X4000 I have is still defective.
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