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Out of curiosity what has pulled some of you to purchase the SR7008 over the X4000 if the amplifiers aren't any better? Cosmetics?
That's also a good recommendation although it would suck to lose some of the newer features like independent zone 2 HDMI that the 4250 does not have.
Ok, that is definitely an option although finding an amp that will fit in the space I have will be difficult. Also don't know if the X4000 I have is still defective.
Hey guys. I have an Onkyo 818 that is starting to die with an HDMI board failure. I purchased a refurbished Denon X4000 to replace it, but unfortunately the Denon would go into shutdown after a few minutes of playing at moderate volumes. I have PSB Imagine speakers and the PSB tech thought perhaps that the Denon just isn't beefy enough to drive the Imagine T mains and center. He recommended either going to an external amplifier or possibly "going Marantz as it's the...
Thanks for the input. For grins I looked at the dimensions of the XPA-3. There's no way it will fit into my really nice Standout Designs cabinet (it's an 1+ inches deeper than the 818 which barely fits) so that's a no go.I'm sort of stuck here, unfortunately what is looking to make the most sense is simply buy another 818 (they are on closeout at Amazon) and ship my other 818 off to be repaired.
While I was initially excited by the network features of my 818, I don't honestly use them much. I use Zone 2 more and the better zone 2 (including HDMI output on Zone 2) capabilities of the X4000 would be the primary step up for me from a functionality perspective.If I was 100% sure that the problem with the 4000 I ordered was the amplifier not being able to drive my mains (vs a defect or overheating problem) then I would entertain the idea of getting a separate...
I love the idea, but honestly the X4000 doesn't do that much more than my Onkyo 818 did, so it's a lot of expense for no real net gain in performance outside of a nicer external amp.Amazon has the 818 for $650 brand new. I might just buy another one as a holdover until new models come out later this year, then sell that one along with the broken one after I get it repaired.It's rather shocking/disappointing to me that a budget Onkyo has a better amp section than a $1300...
That is an option, however right now it's pure speculation on whether the issue with the x4000 is in fact due to not driving the low impedance, or, since it is a refurb it could be something else entirely.Also if I add another $500-$1000 for an outboard amplifier I am into the pricing territory of a more capable AVR anyhow, I can get the Marantz 7008 for $1600 shipped.
I just got off the phone with PSB's tech support folks and they were very skeptical that the X4000 amplifier could drive the PSB Imagine T at moderate listening levels without going into protection mode, which is what it sounds like is happening.The technician I spoke with said that the Imagine T will definitely dip into the 4 ohm range during normal operation and that "lower end" amplifiers won't be able to handle it... they will either go into shutdown or they will start...
I just got off the phone with someone from PSB and they said that their speakers, at moderate volumes will cause "low to mid end" amplifiers to go into protection if they can't reliably drive a 4 ohm load. Sounds like that's probably the problem.Ugh.
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