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That is an option, however right now it's pure speculation on whether the issue with the x4000 is in fact due to not driving the low impedance, or, since it is a refurb it could be something else entirely.Also if I add another $500-$1000 for an outboard amplifier I am into the pricing territory of a more capable AVR anyhow, I can get the Marantz 7008 for $1600 shipped.
I just got off the phone with PSB's tech support folks and they were very skeptical that the X4000 amplifier could drive the PSB Imagine T at moderate listening levels without going into protection mode, which is what it sounds like is happening.The technician I spoke with said that the Imagine T will definitely dip into the 4 ohm range during normal operation and that "lower end" amplifiers won't be able to handle it... they will either go into shutdown or they will start...
I just got off the phone with someone from PSB and they said that their speakers, at moderate volumes will cause "low to mid end" amplifiers to go into protection if they can't reliably drive a 4 ohm load. Sounds like that's probably the problem.Ugh.
OK, thanks for the info, always have to wonder if it being a refurb is the issue. I will consider purchasing it brand new and if it still has the problem that will probably answer the question.
OK, thanks for that info Sean, I've asked over at the PSB thread. They are awesome speakers and if I have go to go a higher level AVR to drive them I guess I'm okay with that. Unfortunately the X4000 is the only one in my price range that has XT32 and the other features I need to replace the 818 that is failing.Worst case I will just send the 818 in for repair and suffer with no theater for a month or two.
Hi everyone. I've got a pair of Imagine T speakers with an Imagine center. My Onkyo 818 AVR started developing issues so I am looking to replace it. I ordered a Denon X4000 (which was refurbished) and found that after a few minutes of listening at moderate volume levels the Denon would shut down with a blinking light on the front. Is anyone running the X4000 with onboard amplification with the Imagine Ts? My understanding is that the Denon can't run 4 ohm speakers,...
The speakers are PSB Imagine T towers along with a matching PSB Imagine center. The rears are definitive UIW ICS III. All of the speakers show 8 ohm compatibility with the PSBs indicating that their nominal impedance is 8 ohms with a 4 ohm minimum impedance.
Well, to put it another way, if it is somehow overheating then the unit is a no go. I've had three AVRs in this spot and none of them have overheated. It's a $3000 cabinet from Standout Designs, there is no way in hell I'm going to replace it over an overheating Denon when the Onkyo and Yamaha that precede it (which have bigger amps and power supplies) never had an issue. There's a vented glass shelf 3-4 inches above the Denon and two large fans in the upper rear of...
Thanks that is helpful information. I already pulled it out so I can't recall the blink rate. It was installed in a cabinet with a thermal sensor and two large vent fans so I don't see how it could have been overheating. I verified the fans were spinning and I've never had any other equipment in the cabinet overheat.
Yeah, I guess you're right... I assumed that like some other manufacturers (Apple) they actually thoroughly tested this stuff before they marked it refurbished, laugh's on me I guess.I almost never buy refurbished but with a dying Onkyo 818 and a baby on the way, you have to pinch your pennies somewhere, I rolled the dice and I lost.
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