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The speakers are PSB Imagine T towers along with a matching PSB Imagine center. The rears are definitive UIW ICS III. All of the speakers show 8 ohm compatibility with the PSBs indicating that their nominal impedance is 8 ohms with a 4 ohm minimum impedance.
Well, to put it another way, if it is somehow overheating then the unit is a no go. I've had three AVRs in this spot and none of them have overheated. It's a $3000 cabinet from Standout Designs, there is no way in hell I'm going to replace it over an overheating Denon when the Onkyo and Yamaha that precede it (which have bigger amps and power supplies) never had an issue. There's a vented glass shelf 3-4 inches above the Denon and two large fans in the upper rear of...
Thanks that is helpful information. I already pulled it out so I can't recall the blink rate. It was installed in a cabinet with a thermal sensor and two large vent fans so I don't see how it could have been overheating. I verified the fans were spinning and I've never had any other equipment in the cabinet overheat.
Yeah, I guess you're right... I assumed that like some other manufacturers (Apple) they actually thoroughly tested this stuff before they marked it refurbished, laugh's on me I guess.I almost never buy refurbished but with a dying Onkyo 818 and a baby on the way, you have to pinch your pennies somewhere, I rolled the dice and I lost.
Ugh. I am cursed. The X4000 I got is shutting off after several minutes and the red light is blinking on the front. I really cannot catch a break with this crap.
I have a few newb questions of my own related to my recent purchase of an X4000 refurb to replace the Onkyo 818 that has begun exhibiting problems. I've been reading the thread but have not found answers to these specifically; 1. After running the Audyssey Calibration is there any way to see what it did as far as what filters/cuts were done? The sound is a little bit less "weighty" than it was with the Onkyo, particularly in the area of subwoofer output (I've been...
You would be better off asking this in the Audyssey thread as there are more people there familiar with XT32 who can comment on calibration.
The workaround only passes muster for devices that you can even get with dual HDMI, which isn't too many. Game consoles, HTPC, TiVo and other set top boxes, none of them have dual HDMI and I imagine it's highly unlikely that we will be seeing HDMI 2.0 splitter devices that do much of anything anytime soon.You are right though that most users will not be running into this issue for at least a couple of years since the 4K gear is still relatively expensive and there aren't...
What might that have to do with Onkyo's ongoing quality control issues, being reported at AVS by Onkyo owners?
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