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The primary benefit of XD4000 replacement would be HDMI 2. While not an immediate concern it is not impossible that I would want that feature in the 3-5 year time frame that I normally operate an AVR for. Some of us don't have the budget to upgrade them every year or two.
Yes, if the cause is the HDMI board and they put another HDMI board in then it is a crap shoot on how long it holds up. Mine is out of warranty in June since I was an early adopter. Unfortunately the new line of Denons (X4000 replacement) apparently not out till Aug/Sept this year so I'm in a bit of a bind on replacing this one before repair.
August? Ack, bummer. Maybe cave in and get 2013 model if I decide to jump ship.
Interesting. I actually found a repair youtube video for a similar problem with the onkyo 606 that walks the owner through replacement of a series of capacitors on the HDMI board. In that case the problem is the HDMI input not coming up for a few minutes after system start. So, similar but different problem to what some of us are experiencing with 818.
One more cause of this could be something like a cold solder joint. When the device is cold it is not working, after it warms up it starts to work.
I myself am also skeptical. One possible explanation is that there are patents involved that Onkyo does not want to have to pay for, so they have come up with another sound correction technique that tries to do this w/out the fronts. In any event, from the experience at my own company they usually get fairly intelligent people like physics PHD to do this sort of stuff, but that doesn't mean that the egghead knows squat about what audio is supposed to sound like when the...
I'm sure it's at least in the ballpark or they will get completely toasted in reviews. However, AVS isn't for people who are happy with being "in the ballpark" if they can avoid it for little added cost (going with a competitor product that's better).
Wow. That's pretty lame. The corrections on my L/R speakers is pretty big with XT32.
I have gotten over that, and have been happy with my 818, but now it has started to fail. I have to decide if I'm willing to live w/out it for an extended period of time while it gets repaired or if I should just cut my losses, replace it with something else, and then sell it after repair. My wife won't like option 'b' but that's the direction I am leaning in.
I wouldn't be afraid, I would just vote with your wallet. Buy something that does have Audyssey as it is a proven technology worth spending a few extra bucks on. Do you really think that someone from Onkyo will be on here answering questions about how to tune their room correction or get the most out of it? Audyssey does that and there is a very rich thread with tons of details that you won't get from Onkyo... that alone should convince you to vote with your wallet and...
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