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I have never had an AVR break and I've owned many of them. I still have an older Yamaha 2 channel amp/pre-amp that's probably 17 years old that's still doing duty in a small stereo setup for CD listening. I have had three Yamahas, a Denon, an Adcom and Marantz over the past 20 years in addition to the Onkyo.Anecdotal maybe, but the only one that is broken is the Onkyo.
My 818 gets no audio from HDMI sources on boot up. I have to let the unit warm up for a few minutes, then cold boot it to get audio... probably HDMI board related. Onkyo seems to have not fixed this issue with whatever supplier is making these parts for them.
One more general comment re: warranties for AVRS. Warranty is good but if you don't have a local authorized repair shop and have to send it off for 3-4 weeks (or longer) and have your entertainment system down that whole time the warranty isn't doing you much good. I would gladly pay extra for a warranty that provided a replacement piece in lieu of a repair if the unit breaks.
Price talk is discouraged/forbidden, so no. However it should not take much sleuthing for you to figure it out. You can search froogle.com for X4000 and find current prices from dealers, including some that are authorized sellers. You can also take the advice of the many people who told you the specific person who comments frequently in this thread, who lists his phone number, is a forum sponsor, and sells Denon gear.
You can get a new one for about that price from several places, including forum sponsors.
No, I get that.. but you can still get a ST warranty if you buy a new one at the same price from an authorized dealer... plus you get two years of factory warranty.
There is no reason to get one on eBay right now when legitimate dealers are offering at the same price.
The primary benefit of XD4000 replacement would be HDMI 2. While not an immediate concern it is not impossible that I would want that feature in the 3-5 year time frame that I normally operate an AVR for. Some of us don't have the budget to upgrade them every year or two.
Yes, if the cause is the HDMI board and they put another HDMI board in then it is a crap shoot on how long it holds up. Mine is out of warranty in June since I was an early adopter. Unfortunately the new line of Denons (X4000 replacement) apparently not out till Aug/Sept this year so I'm in a bit of a bind on replacing this one before repair.
August? Ack, bummer. Maybe cave in and get 2013 model if I decide to jump ship.
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