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You are leaving things very open ended, so yes I agree with you, at some point in the "future" it will happen.I am not ready to make the conversion with the state of things today though, Disney pulling titles is just one reason I'm not ready to switch to DRM digital downloads.
I'm right there with you. I would frankly be pretty ticked off if I paid for a stream or download and then later couldn't access it. No concerns of that with my old school physical discs.
This seemed to be a late but relevant entry into this discussion; http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1659904 Disney has pulled titles from the Apple and Amazon download stores. This won't be the last time this kind of thing happens. You don't own a download or stream. You do own physical media and they can't show up at your house and take it away due to some licensing snafu.
Why did you turn the media server on if you are using a Dune? Media server is so that you can send files via DLNA.I have no idea if removing the Media Server package will remove those shares, but I doubt it.
No worries, happy to help, I hadn't seen your post until quite a while after you mentioned that you did not know how to remove it.I'm looking forward to what Synology might be able to do with the 2014 models, perhaps give me an excuse to upgrade my awesome DS1511+ to something that can actually do a halfway decent job of running Plex.
Click on storage manager, go to the volume tab (if not already there), select the volume and then select "remove".Pretty easy stuff and pretty intuitive.
It will take around 12-24 hours to expand the volume with a new disk. That's normal and the operation of the system is normal while that is happening you just can't manipulate the volume in other ways.If you have no data on the volume you can destroy the volume and re-create it with all disks and it will create the volume more quickly but it will still run a parity check that will take up to 24 hours to complete.
I think they've improved it. I got notifications two separate times of impending drive failure, and those drives had tons of read/write errors. Everything continued fine while I replaced the disks.
You might spend a few minutes perusing this thread, since the info you are asking for is probably in here already. Generally speaking, since you are running Windows you will need to use re-clock or something similar to change the playback speed from 23.976xxx to 24.000 since your video card, like all the other ones, is not capable of perfect 23.976 playback.
I agree, for file storage, which is its primary purpose it is a tank. I have had the rare SMB hiccup when something won't properly connect (maybe one or two times a year) and a restart or update clears it. Otherwise it's been rock solid. I don't use a lot of these apps for doing things like downloading torrents, transcoding and sharing media, etc. While those things should work, they are really not the focus of the box.... just Synology trying to cater to demand for...
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