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I would have no concerns over picking up an 8500. We have had our 60 for a month or so and have zero complaints. We have not updated any firmware, adjusted the picture settings based upon some of the post's on this forum and are happy campers. The vast majority of the posts in this thread are positive, which influenced our decision to pick the 8500 over the Panasonic Z series.
You are certainly looking at a used plasma within this price range. Might find that an LCD panel fits your needs and budget. We have plasma's in main viewing areas, but LCD's in bedrooms.
Well - the 103D arrived on Thursday and last night I did a basic hook up, downloaded current firmware, reset the unit and watched a new Blu-Ray. Not an issue out of the box. Looking forward to tinkering with Darbee. I ran thru a calibration disc this afternoon and am looking forward to watching the newest release of "The Right Stuff" later. I have the Sony 790 which got moved to the bedroom. Build quality of the Oppo is impressive.
Warranty Claim or (what I would do) is get a refund. You don't want the demo model with Pixel problems. Then you can take the time to find the right panel - not one they push you into.
I am on firmware 1112 - sounds like general consensus it NOT to update to 1117. I am just going to enable Cal Day / Night and call it a day for a while. I am pleased with overall PQ with 1112. One question is there any way to disable the drop down menu that comes up every time you change the channel? It shows the time of day and some signal info. It drives the wife crazy and I would like to shut it down if possible.
+1 for Blue Jeans cable - good balance of Quality / price
Got it - I'll use HDMI out to the receiver for audio. Thanks
Thanks - so am I just as well off sending audio to the receiver via optical?
So the 103D has Cirrus Logic CS4382A (8-ch, 24-bit, 192khz) DACs - and my new Pioneer Elite SC-79 has ES9016 SABRE(32) Ultra 8-channel DACs. I want to run my HDMI cable box feed into the Oppo to take advantage of video processing. I would then feed Blu-Ray content and cable content to my Samsung panel via OPPO HDMI out. Do I feed the audio via HDMI out into the receiver to take advantage of the SABER DACs (are they even better?) If so, any configurations required in...
Thanks - makes sense
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