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I need some help, I downloaded disk 1 from the torrent, not the iso but the individual files, used MultiAVCHD to convert them, put them on a flash drive and inserted it into my PS3. I can see the files and the clips in the stream folder play but I have no audio, not sure what am did wrong. Thanks
I haven't seen Cap 2 and don't plan to until it comes out on BD so with me watching this show I know I am going to find out some things about the movie prior to seeing it and I accept that. Based on the promos, being an avid Marvel comic book reader and comments so far I can "assume" one of two things happens to at least one character which I am sure this show will reveal either way. As has been stated, I guess it would be good if possible, to not discuss any Cap 2...
What would I have to do to convert the ISO so that it can be moved to a flash drive to play on my PS3? I downloaded the files for the first disc and converted them using MultiAVCHD and am ready to move them to a flash drive. The second disc is an ISO so I am unsure what to do. Thanks
Thanks for my new wallpaper
WOW, this thread has died completely Are there any Frozen coupons out there?
I have 2 daughters, 8 and 4 and agree 100% with this, I play my movies loud in the basement while they are asleep on the 3rd floor and don't have to worry. Of course I have a baby monitor in each room, just in case. But I have been playing my movies loud since they were babies and can attest to the fact that if you start doing it while they are babies, they will get used to it.
Ok, did a little more playing around and found that if I turned the second sub around by 90 degrees things actually improved. Here is sub 1 set at EQ1, 1 pt open and Q=.7. The sub is calibrated to 71db by itself, the MBM was turned off and the sub was set to play up to 80Hz. Next is sub 2 set at EQ1, 1 pt open and Q=.7. The sub is calibrated to 71db by itself, the MBM was turned off and the sub was set to play up to 80Hz. Notice the small change after I turned it 90...
That is the beauty of these subs, if you have the time and the equipment to test the results, why not, you might be surprised at the results
But at the minimum shouldn't I at least have the same effect I had with just the one 15H with both playing? With that track I didn't even have that.I will do some more testing and even show what each looks like playing withou the other and post my results.Dr HSU, you mentioned that I was showing too much power below 20Hz, I was not aware that was a bad thing.
I will graph both at EQ2, 2 ports open and Q of .3 and post later, I don't believe I tested them that way. Both 15H's are gain matched exactly, each are at around 72 or 73db by themselves and 78db when played together.I understand the difference won't be earth shattering but I at least expected to feel and hear what I was getting with just the one by itself, and that is not the case.
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