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Thanks for the help first and foremost Question... Our existing "prewired" for tv setup in the house includes just power, cable coax, and rgb behind the tv location. If I want to get a cable box, how am I to get the cable coax from behind the tv, to the outlets on the bottom? There is no nearby cable/ant/coax? Maybe the installers know something I don't? Sorry for the newbish question, all my experience has been with shelf setups, nothing behind the...
anyone ever have their tv show video for a few seconds and then cut out with audio still going? it just suddenly started happening and i think/hope it's the motorola box from comcast. thanks --soheil
hey everyone, merry xmas. our 46v2500 from costoc just suddenly acted up. The video from the comcast cable box only appears for a few seconds and then goes away. audio still continues. can't figure it out for the life of me. background info cable box dvi to tv hdmi in the back set to 1080i dvd player running on components still works fine. --soheil
Happy Holidays everyone, My Sony just did something really wierd, and I can't tell if it's the Sony or the cable box. Basically, video just comes on for a second and then the screen goes black, I still have audio. The cable box is dvi to hdmi on the tv. It's at 1080i. Any thoughts? I really want hdtv today :( --soheil
Morning Everyone Well The Panny is sitting in it's big box in the dining room (Costco 50PX60U) almost ready to be taken out of the box. Since I'm a new to Plasmas/Panny (Current Sammy DLP owner), here's what the newb has gathered so far, any other tips would be great. 1. Run the BurnIn Disc (found under downloads at www.eaprogramming.com) for 100 hours or Something like Discovery Channel 1A. During this time, the tv should be set at virtually zero. I found...
since the thread is active, does everyone else's unit make a lot of hard drive sounds when half? mine's always clickin and swishen. thanks again --soheil
Barry is the issue the loss of 720p or the lost channels? I've had these working for sometime (the channels and i remember seeing 720p a while ago), it just recently stopped working. I have a Sammy Hlp 4663w, using an hdmi to dvi cable. --soheil
okay, i've been saerching around attempting to find the solution, though to no avail, so forgive me ahead of time if it was already posted and i missed it. i can't get my 720p selection to work under adv settings. if i select it and then hit okay, it just shows 1080i, its basically impossible to get 720p. also for whatever reason some of my channels shut down, 3, 4, and 5. if they do play, there's very glitchy playback with freezing. i have time warner san...
i have the oppo for my 46in sammy. --soheil
okay, i've read chunks of the thread, but as im sure you know, its just really long. i have a dlp sammy hlp4663w with the oppo. Now at 720p it doesn't fill the screen up, whereas 1080i does. I don't notice any major difference between the two, and as far as i know 720p is the native resolution of my tv so i would imagine it to fill the screen. can anyone shed some light on why it doesn't fill the screen? leaves about 1 inch on all sides at...
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