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I'm sorry and I figured as much. I just wanted to make sure you didn't think you needed some special kind of antenna.
There is no such thing as a "digital antennae" or an HD antenna. The antenna doesn't know or care if the signal it is receiving carries analog or digital data. These terms were invented by marketing types to sell more antennas.
Hello, I have looked through this thread and appreciate all the great info. Just wanted to verify that there is no way to set the clock manually and no plans for them to fix this. I have COX cable and it scans the QAM channels but does not sat the clock, and no guide information is available. In fact, there is no information at all including the current show you are watching. Should I try a different firmware? I have tried v12 and v13 and didn't see any...
So, I tried another flash drive and the upgrade worked. Strangely, this one, according to Windows, was formatted as FAT(16). Everything I have read says the USB drive must be formatted as FAT32. Oh well. The upgrade succeeded and it is now scanning in my QAM channels.Thanks jprc, for the suggestion.
No spaces. These are the ones I tried. The first one was from the iView web site.usb_upgrade_all_flashV9.bin091813_V9_QAM_virtual.bin120113_V12_physical.binV13a_122713.binNone of them seemed to install (no progress bar screen and the version number installed didn't change).
Hi, I just purchased one of these units from Newegg. It will not scan any QAM channels but does scans ATSC fine. When I attempt to upgrade the firmware, I choose the one I downloaded to my flash drive, clicked OK and it reboots the unit. I don't get the progress bar as shown in post #5 of this thread, and the version number on the information screen does not change. What am I missing? The USB drive is FAT32. The version I have now says 20130918 V9. The Harddware...
I upgraded to the Hopper a while ago, but i think there is 1 VOD channel on the 622/722 recievers. So yes, your vip622 can output 1080p. But other than that one "channel", no.
Not an HD question, but can anyone that has DISH Network with an Over the Air tuner adapter tell me if 10.2 (MeTV) has guide information? Here in Salina, it comes in on 51.2 and there is no guide information when tuning in with DISH OTA tuner. Thanks.
DISH Network added the HD feed of KSCW on March 28th
Thanks for the information. I'll have to look into this further. Sounds promising. Jeff
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