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I would bet just about anything you would care to wager that they will show the Cards game. Since they had them about 75% of the time during the regular season. Enough of the friggin Cards! LOL Jeff
In some places, it is a little difficult to receive all (or any) of the networks OTA. I hate COX more than most, (see some of my other posts) but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Jeff
I believe there is a federal law that says local channels must be unencrypted on cable. I also understand that not all cable companies abide by this law. KSNW isn't on COX there is it? Maybe it is on there for testing in preparation for adding it. They do have new owners now, don't they? Good riddance Emmis. Jon (or anyone), do you know if KSAS/KAAS HD is encrypted by Cox here in Salina? I have been thinking of getting a QAM tuner, but don't know if it would work...
I would hope that a network affiliate has a better source for whether a program is in DD 5.1 or not than just watching the screen before the program. Jeff
I agree, when there is a gray bar then a black stripe then the picture it is annoying. Not annoying to the point of being unwatchable, but still annoying. Given the choices of all grey or all black, I just like the gray. Not sure why. Maybe becuase it is closer to the color of my television. All in all, I don't really care. I'd much rather be watching some true HD! Jeff
Are we going to debate this again? I prefer the gray bars, (but they should be just a tinge darker, especially at night)
Be happy about getting channel 12 up there on cable. Cox still has no plans of adding any HD to the Salina line up. The following message was sent to me yesterday. This is the second message I have received from them on this topic, this one even more vague than the first.I doubt it will do any good, but I think it's time to write to the city commisioners and tell them it's time to get a new cable company. Jeff
Well, it doesnt happen too often, so I thought I'd post. As I sit here now at 8:40pm on Saturday in Salina, I am picking up all of the Wichita digital stations. Since my DISH Network 811 reciever has a signal strength meter, I'll list: KSNW: 84% KPTS: 68% KAKE: 89% KWCH: 95% KSAS: 74% KWCV: 72% KSCC: 62% 60% is about the minimum to lock on with this reciever, yet I'm not getting many dropouts. I wish it was like this all the time. Must be the weather, Jeff
Jon, Why is it that all the Wichita stations drop out of HD mode to put weather information on the screen? I guess I see this a lot more on KSNW, KWCH, and KAKE than on your stations. During the baseball game on Saturday, I noticed FOX Kansas had a weather map displayed on the analog station, but not on the digital. I'm all for less crap on the screen, but that's another story. Is this dropping out of HD method something you think we can expect to see for some...
This is great news Jon, and thanks for the info on the power of the Salina FOX transmitter. Could you tell us the power ratings for the Wichta FOX and UPN and whether they are running at full power? I can pick up UPN here in Salina occasionlly, but would like to be able to get it better. I just wonder if getting my antenna up higher would make much of a difference. Jeff
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