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So now, Wichita has two digital transmitters covering the same area, while up here in Salina we still have an analog translator. When they were on 21 full power, I could at least pick that up some of the time, but since the have gone back to 10, i can never get it. I know some of that is probably my antenna, but I am able to get channel 12 (CW) some of the time. I can get ch 19 (KWCH) all of the time. KWCH had a similar problem after the switch over and just...
The guy i've emailed at KSAS in the past said they just became aware of the problem yesterday and that the engineers are working on it. I guess this means they don't have anyone in Salina monitoring the station for them, since it has been messed up for over a week. Anyway, the good news: In a later email he said it should be fixed now.
Is this just a KAAS thing? Right now, watching 24 on KAAS here in Salina and it is in some kind of SD mode. The picture is letterboxed and not filling the full wide screen. Meaning there are black borders on all four sides of the picture. Are you guys seeing the same thing in Wichita OTA? via COX? This happened once last week, but was corrected before whatever show I was watching was over Thanks
Very cool. I have been wondering if it would be possible to build something like this on one's own. Can you tell us more about this "special accessory" that accepts the cable card? What is it, where does one get one, etc? I personally would be interested in know more details about the whole system. Feel free to send me a private message or post here! Also please post back once you get the cable card and let us know if it works! Thanks Jeff
Well, one of my tuners now has picture and sound on KAAS. But my DISH Network vip622 reciver and another STB still only have a black screen and now sound. Someone at KAAS suggested I rescan twice, once with the antenna connected and then again with it plugged back in. This did no good. Neither did a hard reset or resetting to factory settings then scanning again. Is no one else having problems tuning into KAAS 18.1 (17) in the Salina area? Thanks, Jeff
Since Friday I have only a black screen on the FOX translator up here in Salina. At that time, the channel started displaying at 18.1 whereas it used to be 24.1 even though it is still on channel 17. I have three seperate tuners, all get plenty of signal, but no picture or sound. Just a black screen. Anyone else having problems with this since Friday? Thanks, Jeff
They shouldn't have these tests anyway. Anyone knows, no matter how many times they test it, when they actually need it, it isn't going to work! And using if for stuff like t-storm / tornado warnings is ridiculous. There are plenty of outlets for that type of information already in place. Jeff
You think that KAKE and/or KWCH are broadcasting SD and HD channels? I think not. While you are right, I meant there is no analog channel any more, there also is no SD channel. There is one digital signal that can broadcast HD or SD but not both at the same time. COX or DirecTV or DISH may show an SD channel, but that is being down converted from the OTA signal. Now, of course they don't show HD all the time, and KAKE even drops out of HD to show weather crawls, I can...
There is no SD channel any more.
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