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Does anyone know if a Sony DHG-HDD250 would work with Cox cable? It is a DVR that supports CableCARD to get QAM encrypted channels. I was once told by Cox that you couldn't buy the same Motorola boxes they rent. You had to use their boxes. But I guess those don't have CableCARD slots. Here is a link to Sony's page on this DVR Thanks, Jeff
Of course I am serious! The Wichita stations' DMA covers most of the western 2/3s of Kansas. I think we get plenty of "metro" coverage, considering. Jeff
Makes me wonder if it should be renamed Wichita 22. It used to be a joint venture between KAKE and WIBW. If it's just KSN doing it, will the cover anything outside of Wichita? We have enough stations that cover Wichita almost exclusively. Jeff
I set a manual timer on my Dish vip622 to try to record only part of a news program. The manual timer is for a local (ota) channel and is set from 10:06pm to 10:15pm monday through friday. It should record 9 minutes each weekday. But instead, it always records the entire 35 minute program (no early start or late ending). Is this a known bug? Has anyone else seen this behavior? Jeff
I stand corrected. It does seem like the other channels have problems too, more on weekends, than not. Must be interns running the places then! But is this a swapping issue more than an HD switch issue? What happens on the analog version of KSN when this happens? Jeff
I don't watch the Today Show, but I occasionally watch GMA. Often they switch the weather to SD 15 or 30 seconds early preparing for the local spots. They always switch back to HD immediately. I asked someone at KAKE about this, and they said for technical reasons with preview monitors, blah, blah, blah, they had to do this. This was not the original posts point. It specifically said forgetting to switch to HD. This is just a timing problem. Maybe KSN has bigger...
I have never seen another Wichita "local" station "forget to flip the switch". Only KWCH, and they used to do it all the time. Maybe that's just me. Now I don't know if it was KWCH or CBS, but at the start of the new prime time season, the audio was screwed up to where the rear channels came through the front channels and the front (dialog) channels could not be heard or could barely be heard on several different shows. CBS / KWCH used to screw this up on NFL games...
Here in Salina, we still don't even have KMTW HD on COX. Not that there's much on there, but what's the hold up? Checking COX channel lineup on their website, they list separate listings for after November 18th. MyTV and CW still missing from Salina's lineup on that too.http://www.cox.com/kansas/cable/lineup.asphttp://www.cox.com/Gocox/cable/lineup.asp So, what is this magic date, November 18th? Jeff
Who's next? Who's first? This first attempt is quite a joke. What is actually HD, three or four stuido cameras and that's it? Not one field report, not the weather maps, not even world series highlights that came from an HD source. Sure, the studio shots look great, but is that all we get? Considering how long they promoted the switch to HD, I expected more. Jeff
KWCH should rename the 6 o'clock show, "Eyewitness news at 5:58" since it always starts way early. My DVR even starts one minute early, and they are still always already in the middle of a story. Jeff
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