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I noticed while watching the Weather Channel HD during some of the hurricane coverage that they easily covered the lower 1/3 of the screen with a big red or blue solid graphic with the field reporter's name at the top of it. It was a huge waste of HD picture.
Right. I got the local HD channels without a cable box. No other HD channels were available to me (they are encrypted). With the basic cable level I had, even with the cable box, I only got the local channels in HD (no others). Jeff
I should have mentioned that I did have COX's "digital gateway" so I could get the HD channels on my HDTV with no tuner as well. I had the motorola set top box. I don't know if this somehow enabled the QAM channels. I do know I was able to receive them because I used a friend's HDTV briefly (mine was in the shop) and it had a QAM tuner. Jeff
I used to have the "basic" (locals only) cox package here in Salina. I was able to get the unencrypted QAM channels. Of course, that was only the "local" channels (networks). Jeff
Dish Network has Lifetime. It's another one of those channels that stretches all the SD content. I like watching Frasier at 11pm. Looks terrible on the HD channel. Jeff
Same was true of House the other night. I watched over the air, not on COX. Jeff
KAAS in Salina is fully HD now. Has been for a long time. I know I've been watching NFL and MLB games on there in HD for at least two seasons. The FCC site says it should just reach Manhattan. Jeff
Not true. KSAS (FOX) has a translator north of town that is HD. No maybe about it, KWCH is easy to get with an outdoor antenna. I used to be able to get KAKE fairly easily before my antenna was damaged by the ice storm. I could get the rest of the Wichita stations occassionally. Not easily enough to be dependable, though. KSN has a new digital translator here too, but it is only SD. According to their web site, it should be digital "sometime in 2009". Bah, what...
Just a note: OTA and Cable tuners are separate and distinct tuners built in to TVs. Apparently you already have one that has a clear QAM (cable) tuner. For over-the-air you need an ATSC tuner, which your TV probably already has, but not all TVs have both, or even any. (Well, if it has no tuners, it's a monitor, not a TV.) I'm sure it's possible to build a Media Center PC with both types of tuners too. Jeff
Cox doesn't have anything to do with the content of channels. Once they have the HD version of a station, they don't turn the HD on and off for different programs. The local station may forget to flip the switch to HD. KWCH is infamous for that. Other times, when a local station delays syndicated programs, they don't record the satellite feed in HD. I know that Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Two and a Half Men (syndicated reruns) are shown in HD in some markets. Not...
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